New World goes offline : The servers of the Amazon Mmogs are temporarily down today. In a recent blog entry, the developers announce a downtime – and the release of the large heart of madness updates on public servers. A time is already available: New World goes at 14 o’clock down and is then no longer available. Logins and game contributions are not possible during maintenance. The downtime is two hours: At 4 pm you can log in again at New World.

New expedition in the endgame

New World March Update - Heart of Madness LIVE!!!!! 8 A.M. Tomorrow! Get Ready!!!
Note that the information is not carved in stone and can still change. Which changes and innovations holds the big March update for the MMOG , the developers betray in the patch Notes – the list is quite extensive. With this is the expedition “Heart of the StormWind” as the endgame task for five players. Recommended The Expedition for Players with Level 60 and an armament value between 550 and 570. In the task series of the main action, Isabella pursues back to Bruchberg. The last task will receive your Yseult Meredith in the Mountain Home Outpost in Bruchberg.

New weapon, bugfixes and rewards

Also new for New World: the thunderbuch . This is a ranged weapon that provides you with high mobility and powerful damage for a short and medium distance. It therefore makes it a good choice for magicians and rackets. Two weapon guiding trees are available to you: the enclosure tree and the chaos tree. While it comes to the enclosure tree to come to the opponent as close as possible, you stay at the chaos tree at a distance.

If you have reached level 60 and the maximum skill level with the new weapon, you get a new task row from Wang Tang Zhi. The update of individual optimizations and bugfixes is rounded off. For example, the bearing bonus is doubled for all ranks of storage chests. Which rewards you receive in the new update, you will learn in the version notes on the New World website under this link.

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