The Presidential Acquisition Committee Digital Platform Government TF entered the operation.

The ICT field of Yoon Suk-yeol, the core commitment, which is a core promoting digital platform government, has been completed in the 11th of the decade.

Choi Ji-hyun, the senior department, the senior district, “Digital Platform Government TF was launched on the” Digital Platform Government TF “on the 29th,” said Digital Platform Government TF, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said.

In the original 10 people, the TF is known as an internal scale, but the scale has become larger.

Final academy, Kim Chang-kyung, Park Soon-ae, and 5 professional members, including five professional members, the Ministry of Public Administration and Technical Information and Information Communications Department, Ministry of Public Administration and Security,

In addition, 8 private members of the industry and academia have been further committed.

Choi Ji-hyun, said, “Digital Platform Government TF will be operated as co-TF through involvement of related divisions and organic collaboration and industry-leading professionals.”

The Korea Mobile Industry Alliance, which is in charge of TF TF team leaders, is considered to be a representative ICT sector as a son of the former Prime Minister of State. He graduated from Seoul National University and acquired computer engineering by Syracuse University.

TAI & Dassault Systèmes has Working with Digital Twin Technology for Design & Production of the TF-X

He has undergone the National Science and Technology Council ICT Fusion Professional Committee, the 4th Revolutionary Committee Private Committee.

The Digital Platform Government is a journal of Yoon Jeong, who will leverage data and artificial intelligence to establish an administrative efficiency, such as establishing a national operating system, expanding collaboration between divisions. It is aimed at integrating government data and simplifying administrative services and increasing the people’s convenience.

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