He played in the storm this season, on the wing, behind the tips and on the double six – Tobias Kempe is versatile. Unlike in previous years, the 32-year-old midfielder is now also matured to a very important cornerstone in the team.

4 Goals In A Half | Hamburger SV - Darmstadt 98 2-2 | All Goals | Matchday 4 – Bundesliga 2- 2021/22

“I have been in an aged age since I’ve actually have to be a leadership,” he admits. That this season has so far very good for him, also hangs together that he could feel comfortable with his role and the team.

Although he assumes increasingly tasks in the defensive, but he sees itself as a “flexible connecting player”, which is a lot of running. He also helps him that he had a player in midfield behind or beside with Klaus Gjasula, who clearly clear. “Sometimes a bit too much,” Kempe adds laughing with a view of the card statistics of the currently locked Gjasula.

Rise? – “The biggest thing that can happen in a career”

Above all, Kempe was mainly the man for the important goals at the SV Darmstadt 98. His most important goal was the free kick on the last matchday of the 2014/15 season, with which he shot the lilies 1-0 over St. Pauli in the Bundesliga.

Seven years later, the team once again has the chance of promotion to the football house. “Everyone asks: how was that back then,” says Kempe. “You can not explain that. But I want everyone to get along, as it is to rise with such a horny club. That’s the biggest thing that can happen in a career. And I conveyed that to the guys a bit.”

The pressure has the others

At that time, the SV Darmstadt 98 had nothing to lose as a newcomer, could easily play. “You have to have some looseness,” says Kempe with a view to the current situation at the spreadsheet. “We have to play as well as the entire season and must not put us through the table situation.” Other teams would have much more pressure. “So we have nothing to lose,” says Kempe.

Only twelve healthy professionals during training

On Saturday (13.30 clock) it goes after the country break at the Böllenfalltor against Holstein Kiel. The past days were overshadowed by the Corona outbreak in the team circle with a total twelve infected. When training on Monday just twelve professionals were on the square.

Of course, that is a small damper. “But we got through that at the beginning of the season,” emphasizes the Routinian with a view of the numerous corona cases at that time. In any case, the time for the outbreak of the disease in the international lead pause is not so bad. By Saturday, a large part of the infected is expected to be available again.

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