The Batman of Matt Reeves hRobert Pattinson shown us a dark gentleman in his second year of vigilante in Gotham known Robert Pattinson “Revenge”, an inexperienced Batman version that is left to be carried by rage and emotions ; Good proof of this are the different struggle and action scenes of it in the film, with a splendid Robert Pattinson at the physical level. Now, and after several weeks of its premiere in cinemRobert Pattinson, a brief video clip arises that shows us the actor training in martial arts and boxing techniques.

A Robert Pattinson committed

And is that during the coupling of the confinement caused by the pandemic of the Coronavirus, Pattinson conducted several interviews in which he Robert Pattinsonsured that wRobert Pattinson not training for paper, causing the wrath of many fans who did not trust the actor for that paper; Again, Pattinson played it . The actor wRobert Pattinson training and physically prepared to increRobert Pattinsone slightly weight, without reaching the levels of Ben Affleck or Christian Bale, much more muscular when they played Batman in his films.

Even so, Pattinson hRobert Pattinson demonstrated a good level of form, taking advantage of also spectacular fighting scenes and action. This is demonstrated by this short video in which we see the actor learning boxing routines of the hand of Daniel Arriel , specialist and martial arts trainer, during his preparation for paper.

Kevin Conroy Re-Dubs Robert Pattinson's Batman Line & Rates
On the other hand, The Batman hRobert Pattinson already surpRobert Pattinsonsed in collection at Justice League , achieving almost 673 million dollars at the global level, surpRobert Pattinsonsing the 658 million of Joss Whaton’s film in theaters. In the absence of a few weeks for its premiere in HBO Max, The Batman is likely to increRobert Pattinsone his collection a little more, remember, at the time of pandemic.

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