FC St. Pauli says training after positive corona

Football second division FC St. Pauli canceled the training on Saturday.
The association said that this was “due to further suspicion of Corona in the squad and environment of the license team”.

Die PK mit Robert Klauß im Re-Live | FC St. Pauli - 1. FC Nürnberg
The evening before, the team played 1-1 in the Millerntor Stadium against the table neighbor 1. FC Nürnberg.
Captain Philipp Ziereis was already missing in the game because of a Covid 19 disease.

The mandatory quick tests the day afterwards resulted in other positive findings.
“Against this background, the decision was made that there was no team training as a precaution,” it said.
The confirmation of the preliminary findings using a PCR test has been announced for Sunday.

Seider and supporters with a sense of achievement to the national team

Puddy's Close Connection to the Devils | New Jersey Devils
Defender Moritz Seider comes to a national team in top shape and crowned the strong first season in the NHL with his seventh goal. In the 5: 3 of the Detroit Red Wings in the last main round game against the New Jersey Devils scored the 2-1 and booked strong 50 scorer points in the best ice hockey league in the best ice hockey league in his debut season. The 21-year-old is a candidate for the best newcomer to the season.

Tim Stützle also travels with a sense of achievement for the German selection, which wants to do better with the NHL players at the World Cup in Finland than recently at the Olympic Games in Beijing. In the 4-2 of the Ottawa Senators against the Philadelphia Flyers, Stützle had a goal and screwed his yield to 58 in his second NHL season.

draisaitl not in the Oilers squad

Leon Draisaitl was spared in the 3-2 of the Edmonton Oilers in penalty shooting against the Vancouver Canucks in the last game before the Play-Offs and, like Connor McDavid, was not in the squad. The Oilers meet the Los Angeles Kings in the first round of the playoffs and have home advantage.

With the Colorado Avalanche, Nico Sturm, on the other hand, received a 1: 4 against his former team, the Minnesota wild. The game secured the home advantage in the first play-off round against the St. Louis Blues. Colorado has previously been the best team in the Western Conference and also has home advantage in the first round.

Freiburg kingfish for the first time basketball

The Freiburg kingfishers won the German women’s basketball for the first time.

The 2013 cup winner won the crucial victory for 3-1 in the best-of-Five final series of the women’s Bundesliga (DBBL) against the Rhineland Lions from Bergisch Gladbach on Friday evening.
The Freiburg team of coach Harald Janson had completed the main round behind the “Lionesses” in second place.
After the quarter -finals over Pharmaserv Marburg (2: 1), the kingfishers switched off in the preliminary round of the Playoffs defending champion Rutronik Stars Keltern (2-0).
In the new season, the Freiburg women in the Oberhaus have to deal with the women’s team from Alba Berlin.
The team from the capital had recently made the climb as runner -up for the 2nd DBBL.

D3 Men’s College Basketball Team VS Women’s Team !
Alba is a cup winner and master of men.

Danny da Costa changes from Frankfurt back to Mainz

Eintracht Frankfurt hovers on cloud seven in the Europa League, but so far, Danny da Costa has not been able to contribute to the European high -altitude flight of the eagles. Only two missions in the group phase, more did not jump out for the 28-year-old. Even in the league, the defensive man only plays a subordinate role in the current season: ten games, only four over the full distance. The result: After the season, Costa leaves the SGE and returns to Mainz.

There Costa was on loan for half a year in the past season and “not only leaves athletic traces” during this time, as 05 sports director Martin Schmidt emphasizes: “He is an uncomfortably experienced, strong defensive all-rounder and also A great person who immediately brought himself into the team with his good character and mentality and lived the values of Mainz 05. “

So it was not surprising that the contact between Mainz 05 and the defender, who had run 16 times for the FSV, “always remained tight even after the loan”. Now Costa comes to the Bruchweg free of charge and has signed a contract until 2025.

a lot of praise and “a special DNA”

“My time at Mainz 05 was short, but it is definitely one of the most exciting and most special of my career,” said Da Costa, who was the experience of 131 Bundesliga, two Champions League, 27 Europa League and 17 DFB Bring cup games for Leverkusen, Frankfurt, Mainz and Ingolstadt. “What we achieved together as a team, but also as a whole club in this six months, was exceptional. Mainz 05 has a special DNA, sporty and above all on together,” says Costa only praising words for his new old club.

Wie verbringen Danny da Costa & Co. ihre Zeit? I Eintracht-Spieler mit emotionaler Botschaft

There is hardly a player who fits Mainz 05 better than Danny from the mentality.

Bo Svensson

Coach Bo Svensson is pleased, “that Danny has promised us. It is no secret that he played a very important role in relegation last year. There is hardly a player who fits Mainz 05 better in terms of mentality than Danny “, said Svensson.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: how to win awards in combat

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is there. You can start playing now on your PlayStation 4, your Xbox One or your PC. The game is full of things and it’s an excellent game to play with your friends and start getting things d1. Among the many things you can do, you can participate in faction missions and improve your level of rewards in combat.

winning awards in combat in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

To access your combat awards and see how far you are, open the main icon of the target table of your main menu. You will find it at the top and it will have the symbol of a bubble. You have four different icons on this screen, and the main one that concerns us is the one on the right, alongside the missions of the factions.

Click on this screen and you will see the missions available. Doing these missions or winning faction awards will bring you faction points. These points will increase, giving you access to new objects. Some of them are cosmetic objects, others are useful plans that you can use to make new weapons. How do you get these missions to level? Talk to Mads Schulz and he will have a handful at your disposal. You can also talk to other PNJs in the game to win tasks. These are the green missions on your card and their realization gives you more points.

Here are the rewards to accomplish these missions:

  • Level 1: Sentinel glasses
  • Level 2: black paint C
  • Level 3: G28 Scout | Wolves (sniper)
  • Level 4: Combat supplies
  • Level 5: Painting for digital USAF tiger equipment
  • Level 6: Combat supplies
  • Level 7: Trial Ex | Zebra Moto
  • Level 8: serrated edges | Wolves (knife)
  • Level: 9: Combat supplies
  • Level 10: tank top
  • Level 11: Combat supplies
  • Rang 12: King Cobra emblem
  • Level 13: Combat supplies
  • Level 14: Tigerstripe, paintings for weapons
  • Level 15: Camo 5 finger paint
  • Level 16: Combat supplies
  • Level 17: nightmare | Brown (knife)
  • Level 18: Combat supplies
  • Level 19: 416 Shorty
  • Level 20: Combat supplies
  • Level 21: Path Walker MK 2 | Jungle (vehicle)
  • Level 22: Combat supplies
  • Level 23: UCP-D, gears painting
  • Level 24: Combat supplies


  • Level 25: P227 survival plan (pistol)
  • Level 26: Combat supplies
  • Level 27: Combat supplies
  • Level 28: Boson | Black (vehicle)
  • Level 29: Combat supplies
  • Level 30: British DPM, Weapon Paints
  • Level 31: Combat supplies
  • Level 32: Cyre AVS1000 backpack
  • Level 33: Keep this position, Estate
  • Level 34: Combat supplies
  • Rang 35: AK74 assault plan (rifle)
  • Level 36: Combat supplies
  • Level 37: Combat supplies
  • Level 38: MK 48 compact master plan
  • Level 39: Combat supplies
  • Rang 40: Ghost Ghillie pants
  • Level 41: Combat supplies
  • Level 42: gold, weapon painting
  • Rang 43: Cut so badly, emote
  • Rang 44: Combat supplies
  • Level 45: 3 German colors, gears painting
  • Rang 46: Opheis MK II | Snow, helicopter
  • Level 47: M4A1 Tactical Plan
  • Level 48: Combat supplies
  • Level 49: Combat supplies

There will be more combat awards to be released in the future. For the moment, this is the first series of awards for the first act of the game. The players have 60 days to acquire them all and there will probably be a new series of them in the future.

Code of Cod Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 – awards and levels

Like any other seasonal update, the 3rd season Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone include a 100-level combat pass. Players can go through the combat passing system of this season to unlock two new types of weapons and several other cosmetic items, such as weapons drawings, operators, emblems, business cards, completing techniques and much more.

The basic version of the Combat Camping program costs 1000 CODs. points, but you can use limited free awards without buying them. Here is a detailed overview of all levels and the main awards included in the combat pass of season 3.

Table of contents

WARZONE SEASON 3 FULLY REVEALED... (Warzone + Vanguard Season 3 Weapons, Map Changes & Much More)
All skins of operatives in combat passage of the 3rd season

All drawings of weapons in combat passage of the 3rd season

Full overview of the combat passage of the 3rd season

all the skins of operatives in combat passage of the 3rd season

Players can also purchase a set of combat checkpoint, which costs 2400 COD. points, to skip an additional 20 levels and three bonus skins for the Beatrice operator. Moreover, PS5 players miss 25 levels, which is five more than their colleagues on PC and Xbox.

all drawings of weapons in combat passage of the 3rd season

In addition to the weapons shown above, players can also unlock two new weapons of season 3 through a combat pass, namely M1916 rifle rifle and Nikita AVT assault rifle.

Complete review of combat passage of the 3rd season

As soon as you move to the last and 100th level of combat passage of the 3rd season, you will also receive a thematic emblem and the completion badge.

Stay with us in professional games for games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, look at our article “All changes in sniper rifles in the third season of Call of Duty Warzone.”

Covid infection: Schmidt is missing Heidenheim against Düsseldorf

Trainer Frank Schmidt will not be able to support 1. FC Heidenheim in the home game on Friday evening against Fortuna Düsseldorf on the sidelines. The FCH announced that the 48-year-old was tested positively for Covid-19 on Wednesday. As at the press conference, assistant coach Bernhard Raab Schmidt is represented. There, the assistant also revealed that the coach “is doing well according to the circumstances”.

The Heidenheimers said goodbye to the promotion race with three winless games in a row. For this reason, they set a new goal for the end of the season: “We have always won over 50 points in recent years. This is still possible in the area of the possible,” said Raab. The Württembergers, who previously won 46 points, must therefore win at least one of three games outstanding.

Geipl, Thomalla and Seifert are missing against Düsseldorf

LIVE: German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht presser | DW News

However, this undertaking should be difficult against the Düsseldorf. The guests from the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital have been unbeaten for ten league games. The Schmidt representative warned especially of the switchover movement. His team needs “attentive right -back” against the fast outdoor players. In the penultimate home game of this season, Raab has to do without Andreas Geipl (yellow lock), Denis Thomalla and Tim Seifert (both training deficit).

The situation before matchday 32: What for whom in the Bundesliga

At the top is now all of the mathematically clear: FC Bayern is a master, even the next Champions League scorer canon can plan Robert Lewandowski a long time now. Coach Julian Nagelsmann has already announced that it also helps the last three game days to help a few talents at the deployment of deployment. At least one possible goal: The 100 goal mark is still within reach for 92 goals, the self-made Bundesliga record (101, 1971/72) too. In the previous year, the counter stopped at 99.

Certainly qualified for the Champions League is also Borussia Dortmund . And also for the runner -up championship – which had gone to Leipzig in the previous year – there is not much missing: With eight points ahead of the third Leverkusen, two points are enough from the last three appearances, including a guest appearance at relegated Fürth.

Leipzig still has three destinations – Freiburg still three direct duels

Bayer 04 Leverkusen has a firm eye on the Champions League since the weekend. Three points and the significantly better goal difference separate the SEOANE team from Fifth Freiburg – which she meets on matchday 34. A victory in direct duel could be enough for a top four position. However, the sixth Union Berlin and even the seventh 1. FC Köln are still lurking.

The best goal difference after Bayern is currently rb Leipzig . It could still become a trump card in the race for the premier class. After the painful 1: 2 defeat against Union Berlin, two points ahead of Freiburg, four on Union and five in Cologne must be defended for the Saxons. With the opponents Gladbach (A), Augsburg (H) and Bielefeld (A) this works well, but Leipzig has to play a European League semi-final in between-and then the DFB Cup final. As a European League winner, RB would also be safe in the Champions League.

For the SC Freiburg everything is still in the season finale-from Champions League qualification plus DFB Cup victory to nothing. However, the Breisgauer can hardly gamble away from the European Cup in itself: because the lead over the Each Hoffenheim is six points and because seventh place is likely to be enough for the Europa Conference League. With Hoffenheim (A), Union (H) and Leverkusen (A), the SC only plays against direct European competitors.

The 1. FC Union Berlin . In the case of two outstanding home games against Fürth and Bochum (and a guest appearance at Tabelnachbar Freiburg), the iron can hope to “rise” this time from the Europa Conference to the Europa League. In addition to the fifth, the sixth place is likely to be sufficient this season.

for Cologne also speak the opponents – in Hoffenheim it is also about Hoeneß

The 1. FC Köln benefit, who waves the European Cup comeback after five years. After three wins in a row, some FC fans have already calculated what is still missing until fourth place – there are five points, in view of the comparatively weak goal difference (+2), ultimately even six. Places five to seven are more realistic, which – because of the constellation in the DFB Cup final – all have a European Cup ticket. What speaks next to the form for the Baumgart team: with Augsburg (A), Wolfsburg (H) and Stuttgart (A), cellar children are waiting for their fate in the case of VfL and VfB.

The TSG Hoffenheim , still champions League candidate in winter, threatens to gamble the European Cup after the recent misery of six winless games. Even the seventh place is already three points away, and it still goes against Freiburg (h), Leverkusen (h) and Gladbach (A). Sebastian Hoeneß ‘future is also at stake: he is still bound until 2023, and it is considered a unwritten law not to go into a new season with a coach with a leakage contract.

For the table ninth Eintracht Frankfurt , the focus is no longer on the Bundesliga in the final weeks of the season. The big dream is the European League title in front of the semi-finals against West Ham, which would also be rewarded with a place in the Champions League group phase. Is that good news for the last three league opponents Leverkusen (A), Gladbach (h) and Mainz (A)?

eight options for Gladbach – Bochum are still missing two points

The 1. FSV Mainz 05 , the two -worst away team in the league, already has the relegation and no more prospects on Europe, but at the latest after 0: 5 in Wolfsburg, but still make up for something. And as is known, every place in the final table is worth TV money.

This is also the last “hard” goal for Borussia Mönchengladbach on the remaining match days when Leipzig (h), Frankfurt (A) and Hoffenheim (H) are waiting. From eighth to 15th place everything is still possible for the foals – curious, so exactly the palette, which is meaningless.

The VfL Wolfsburg is almost saved. At nine points ahead of the third last Stuttgart, the wolves are already running a point from the games in Stuttgart, Cologne and against Bavaria. The jump into the upper half of the table is still realistic at the end of a turbulent season.

The VfL Bochum is also almost at the goal of relegation – only he would have a completely different status at the promoted one than with the Wolfsburgers. Even if the competition gains consistently, the Bochumers only need a maximum of two points against Dortmund (A), Bielefeld (H) and Union (a). You have not been able to descend directly since the weekend.

Hertha can save himself on matchday 32 – VfB has to look down

In view of the passable goal difference, this also applies to the table-14. FC Augsburg , who can also secure the league remaining on matchday 32. A victory against Cologne would be sufficient – one in Leipzig (33rd) or against Fürth (34th) would alternatively go. Due to the low point distances up, the FCA can also hope for improvements in the TV ranking.

Before the season, the goals were completely different, but if it were over, Hertha BSc would certainly not have any objections. The 2-0 victory against pursuer Stuttgart means: against Bielefeld (a), Mainz (h) and Dortmund (a) at most four points to avert both direct descent and the relegation. If VfB loses against Wolfsburg in parallel, nothing could happen to Berliners with a win in Bielefeld. Then there would also be the two -worst goal difference in the league without consequences.

The VfB Stuttgart is where it was already at the end of the first half of the season: on the relegation place. With four points behind Hertha, outstanding games against Wolfsburg (H), Bavaria (A) and Cologne (h) and the form of Sunday, the Matarazzo-Elf must even look down: Bielefeld only has two points less (but that Clearly worse goal difference). At least four points are still needed to have a mathematical chance of direct relegation at all. It is not good news for VfB that Hertha and Bielefeld meet directly on the 32nd matchday. Both cannot win, but they don’t lose either.

VfL Wolfsburg - Union Berlin | 3-0 | Highlights | Matchday 32 – Bundesliga 2020/21
The weak Arminia has lost again after the coaching change and no longer stayed in the league in his own hands. With a win against Hertha on Saturday, she would suddenly be fully in the race again. There is also an opportunity against Bochum (A) and Leipzig (H) to climb at least to the relegation place.

And the SpVgg Greuther Fürth ? It will leave the Bundesliga again after only one year. In the season finale, the future second division team still offers two opportunities not to say goodbye without an away win. It still goes to Union Berlin and FC Augsburg.

TSG Hoffenheim – sports director Rosen about interest in national players space: We are sitting at the wheel

Alexander Rosen, head of sports at TSG Hoffenheim, deals calmly with possible inquiries for national players David Raum. “He recently extended his contract until 2026. This constellation gives us full sovereignty, we are sitting at the wheel,” Rosen told the kicker.

The 24 -year -old left -back, only switched from SpVgg Greuther Fürth to Hoffenheim before the season, has drawn attention to himself with strong performance in recent months and has also developed into an important player for national coach Hansi Flick.

Digitalization on and off the pitch with TSG Hoffenheim

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“David’s development is breathtaking and of course does not remain hidden from other clubs, but of course I am aware that we could always be confronted with this topic in this topic in the future,” said Rosen.

The whereabouts of all Mokoko seeds on the island whispering in a lost ark

Mokoko seeds are the most common collection subject in the “lost ark”, but they are difficult to find. Seeds resemble small fruits and have green. If seeds are found, Mokoko shines. There is seven Mokoko seeds to look for and collect on whispering island in sea of proony . All locations of Mokoko Seeed are shown below.

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Где найти все семена мококо на Шепчущем островке в Море Проциона

All Whispering Islet Mokoko Seeds Locations | Lost Ark

Keep in mind that you must fulfill the final report quest before you can go to Mokoko seeds on this island. You can find all Mokoko seeds using the map above. Mokoko seed in red circle does not require special instructions, and the rest require.

You can get to Mokoko seeds in yellow circles through secret passages. Go to yellow triangles to find secret passages and just use them to get to Mokoko seeds. Green Circle requires players to play Menuet’s song before he is missed through the forest gates.

To obtain additional information about Lost ARK, check The location of all Mokoko seeds in the gesrobe in Lost Ark in the lost ark and The location of all world bosses in Lost Ark in professional guidelines in professional guidelines in the game.