The enormous week of newsstation news that everyone on the internet mocked? Eh, it was not so big, right? Obviously, we got the official confirmation of ps more ‘ redesign, but many details had already been disclosed and Sony has failed to develop outside the essential facts. Do not deceive yourself, it was an important and interesting announcement, but the hiring cycle suggested a lot, much more.

The Kinda Funny Games facilitator, Greg Miller, was one of the many observers of the industry to strange the flames by postponing his podcast PlayStation, although for the defense of the old man of the IGN, he tried to temper expectations earlier in the week. Now, speaking after a shot, he has developed a little more what he had heard about three potentially interesting developments.

The first was, as mentioned, the new PS more, which have materialized. The second was the chatter of a PSVR2 event – presumably for the media. It seems that this showcase does not happen at this moment – we certainly have not received an invitation – but it is prudent to suppose that Sony provides something like that in the near future; The helmet was playable in camera at the GDC, for example.

Rumor: PS5 Pro in Development For 2023. | PlayStation Acquires Haven Studios. - [LTPS #510]

The third rumor is the most tasty: an acquisition – and it is so-called “really big”. Speaking about Kinda Funny Games Daily, Miller and Games Beat Scribe, Jeff Grubb, say they heard about the same thing. Grubb explained: “The third is very difficult to identify because people can be heard [acquisitions] but those who really know are usually legally obliged to say nothing.

As the conversation develops, Grubb explains that he has heard that it’s big, and Miller intervenes: “So we share information here, but I heard from two distinct sources – the One of them being a group of people – that’s big. That it’s really big. So it’s like, okay, I’ll delay the [PS I Love You Podcast] and see if that happens this week.

Grubb continued by explaining that Sony is very serious about leaks – tell them to the guy who reveals the PS range more days in advance each month – and that even if he heard a lot of speculation on an acquisition, He will not “write a story about it on Games Beat”. Therefore, all this more looks like hearsay than something concrete.

Indeed, the problem is that there is nothing really substantial here. As the two experts point out, the information comes from second hand, and anyone who has a direct knowledge of the news could not speak anyway. In the end, it is better to sit and wait and see – the news will come when Sony will be ready to announce it.

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