More than 15 years after the launch of PlayStation 3 for the first time, the Sony decisions made with the console continue to torment the PlayStation brand. Sony revealed this week that it would review your PlayStation Plus subscription service to allow users to access more games in the history of PlayStation. This new games library will include almost all PlayStation platforms with a series of securities available to natively download PS5 and PS4. However, PS3 games in service can only be experienced if they are played through transmission, which obviously requires an Internet connection. Although this is something that PS NOW subscribers have become accustomed for years, the lack of compatibility with previous versions of PS3 in PS5 only makes Sony’s pallor services compared to competition.

The Problems with the PlayStation Ecosystem

If you do not know why PS3 remains a problem for Sony with regard to compatibility with earlier versions, the problem lies in the structure of the console. At that time, Sony was trying to open new paths with PS3 and built the platform on the basis of cell processing architecture. And while this structure for the console caused the games to be technically more impressive at that time, it also created a lot of other problems. Some external developers not only fought with the migration of games to PS3 when the platform still existed, but the unique way that the games run on the console also caused Sony not to add compatible features with versions prior to PS4 or PS5.

Because of this problem, the only way Sony has found a way to make PS3 games can be played on the modern PlayStation hardware is through the transmission. Not only is it something that subscribers have to pay to use, but it is also a solution that is based solely on the Internet. And since Internet connectivity around the world is not as reliable as in some Western markets, this is not a good solution in any way.

Compared to Xbox, Sony’s continuous problems with compatibility with earlier versions seem a purple eye in PlayStation in general. In recent years, Microsoft has found a way to make the titles dating back to Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X. In fact, Xbox and Xbox 360 physical games can still be placed on a Xbox Series X at this time and work as they would have in the original hardware. Not to mention that Xbox has even added graphic updates and performance to these ancient games. This is something that PlayStation fans (including myself) have been dying to see on PS5 for quite some time. Instead, the best thing that Sony seems to continue doing in response is to ask users to pay an annual subscription only to make past games a little more convenient to play.

Probably the most annoying of Sony’s persistent problems with PS3’s retraction is that PS3 was a fantastic console in general. The library of the platform was excellent and contained classics as The last of us, infame, Engagement Solid metal 4, and many more. Even though several titles of this catalog have been remastered or moved to another place, it is frustrating to see that the games of this time become much more difficult to visit again as the years go by. After all, who wants to have a ps3 connected to your television in 2022?

The new version of Sony from PlayStation Plus is not frankly horrible in any way. For those who want to play some Great Playstation games of yesteryear (and have a good Internet connection), it’s great to see that Sony is now making those titles a little more accessible. Even so, if it were not for the decisions that were taken with the PS3 about two decades ago, the current PlayStation ecosystem could be much better as a result.

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