The Los Angeles Lakers have once again collected a bitter defeat against New Orleans Pelicans and now relied on a lot of protection to achieve the play-in tournament. Lebron James had followed afterwards.

James had dropped an April Fürz in the course of the day at Twitter that the season was over for him prematurely – now it could actually be so far. After the 111: 114 defeat against New Orleans, the Lakers now stand a whole game behind the tenth-placed San Antonio Spurs, which also keep the Tiebreaker.

The Lakers have only outsider opportunities on the playoffs, especially since four of their remaining five games will be against playoff teams. James, who marked 38 points, annoyed: “It was a must-win for us and we did not get it.”

Lakers have played their once good starting position over the past few weeks and now lost five games in a piece, even 15 of the last 19th, even the return of James and the longer injured Anthony Davis changed nothing against the Pelicans who are one of the teams have overtaken the LA over the time.

“It’s going to be hard to get new Orleans, with their leadership and the Tiebreaker,” said Lakers coach Frank Vogel. “But we still have enough time to win as many games as possible, and then see what happens to San Antonio.”

Both the Lakers and the Spurs still have five outstanding games. These are the scenarios:

  • SPURS 5-0: SPURS (at least) tenth
  • SPURS 4-1: SPURS (at least) tenth
  • SPURS 3-2, LAKERS 4-1 or worse: Spurs tenth
  • SPURS 2-3, LAKERS 3-2 or worse: Spurs tenth
  • SPURS 1-4, LAKERS 2-3 or worse: Spurs tenth
  • Spurs 3-2, Lakers 5-0: Lakers tenth
  • Spurs 2-3, Lakers 4-1 or better: Lakers tenth
  • Spurs 1-4, Lakers 3-2 or better: Lakers tenth
  • Spurs 0-5, Lakers 2-3 or better: Lakers tenth

The Pelicans are officially even part of the game, but New Orleans is only a Lakers defeat and its own victory away to ensure a play-in-Platz.

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SPURS VS. LAKERS IN THE PLAY IN RUN: The remaining program

Since the series of series ended 2-2, and none of the two teams will win his division, the balance sheet in the Conference decided. There, San Antonio is better there (22-25 vs. 16-31).

Lakers (31-46)


Spurs (32-45)

Nuggets (H)


Blazers (H)

Suns (A)


Nuggets (A)

Warriors (A)


Timberwolves (A)

Thunder (H)


Warriors (H)

Nuggets (A)


LeBron James, Lakers on the brink of missing NBA Play-In, Spurs are 0.5 GB of LAL | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Mavericks (A)

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