Senegal v Egypt | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifier | Match Highlights
Maybe Egypt’s Mohamed Salah had happened as in the disco when the attacker approached the FC Liverpool in penalty shooting, but as its compatriots – from several laser pointers on the face has been blinded.

Among other things Salah then gave rise, club colleague Sadio Mané turned for Africa’sister Senegal finally to decide and the World Cup ticket. Quite controversial.

Because there was not only the unusually extreme visual disabilities in the Dakar region, even other allegations are in the room, which is why FIFA is immaining. The game report of the referee will be investigated. “The relevant information is evaluated by the relevant disciplinary bugs before the next steps are decided,” the World Association announced on Wednesday.

In addition to the use of the laser pointers, it should also have come to racist infants against Egypt’s figurehead of Salah, for example from emerging poster on the grandstands, there is a speech – as well as stone and bottle throws in Egyptian warming up.

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