The new class in April: A few of the announced content suit the roadmap, which has appeared online a couple of weeks back. This was after that validated as inaccurately confirmed as well as taken out from

For a long time the roadmap has actually possibly been just one of the largest topics in the neighborhood around the MMORPLOST ARK. Currently the programmers lastly reveal what precisely anticipates you in April and May. Our company believe of Meinmmo together.

The lance carrier is still to come in April, so this month, in our variation of Lost Ark and is the 5th sophisticated class of martial artists. The lance carrier was wished by the fans and also is one of the most popular courses in Lost Ark.

However specifically in the courses there is a difference to the previously shown roadmap. Due To The Fact That Lost Ark is the very first new class a favorite of the followers: the Lance Master, or just how they are called with us, the lance carrier. For this, the Arcanist needs to pave the way, which was revealed in the original timetable.

Right here you can see the lance carrier in action:

In April, a brand-new continent is waiting for you

That’s not whatever that is still expecting you in April:

It is to be thought that the brand-new events in the game will obtain some revaluation materials. While this is not formally confirmed, yet in the introduction of the Roadmap, the developers compose that the horizontal development ought to remain to remain in focus. You want to discover lighter courses to get personalities in the desired Gearscore locations.

  • The brand-new continent southern-vern is the 2nd pet 3 location in our variation of Lost Ark. You can enter it from Gearscore 1,340. Queen Ealyn of north-vernism thought that something in the south of the continent is not true as well as send you and knight leader Avele to accept the matter.
  • New login benefits.
  • New in-game occasions.
  • Some brand-new skins and other shop updates.
  • A Feiton Power Pass that pushes a brand-new character directly on Gearscore 960 as quickly as you utilize it. This functions just if one personalities currently completed the Feiton story.
  • Various quality-of-life improvements that impact the conversation and co-op gameplay.

The destroyer follows in May

What awaits you in May? The 2nd brand-new course that will certainly come right into our variation of Lost Ark is the destroyer. This innovative course of the warriors had actually already been promised in the first roadmap and also is actually in the West.

The destroyer is slow-moving and swings a huge battle inculcate the fight. He remains to fill his identity ability in order to inevitably reduce down and also deteriorate all challengers in his location and weaken to ruin them.


For the further news for May, nevertheless, the Team of Lost Ark shares a bit much more unclear, equally as much as the brand-new RAIDs concerns. But we initially come to what definitely in May comes into play:

  • Intro of Test Guardian Raids – weekly there are 3 various guards in the emphasis that you have to hew around. These 3 unique employers additionally give unique loots and also are adjusted to your Gearscore. Pair, however, that you can eliminate each of the 3 only 1x per account each week. There is an overall of 3 times a week each week.
  • Also much more Quality-of-Life enhancements. This consists of an overview of currently completed daily and regular tasks, some UI updates and brand-new features for the marketplace as well as the auction home in addition to brand-new hairstyles for your personalities.
  • The opportunity to mobilize a random install so that you do not have to choose among the several various ones.

Right here you can see the destroyer at work:

One ended the two managers only under booking. According to the publisher, gamers ought to be far sufficient to contend against these bosses in May.

Currently previously, Lost Ark was criticized because brand-new Raid managers like Argos came as well quick right into the video game. Consequently, lots of fans felt stressed as well as required to invest cash in the Free2Play title. composes in the roadmap that would love to stop this sensation in any kind of case. When they come, you want to allow any person to play new content.

What perhaps expect you in May? Not rather certain is and SmileGate for two special news for May. It is the Guardian Raid Deskaluda (Gearscore 1.415) as well as the Legion Raid Valtan (Gearscore 1.415).

An overview for the next roadmap

Because Lost Ark is the first brand-new class a fave of the fans: the Lance Master, or how they are called with us, the lance carrier. * The new continent southern-vern is the 2nd animal 3 location in our variation of Lost Ark. ** The 2nd brand-new course that will certainly come into our variation of Lost Ark is the destroyer. Already previously, Lost Ark was criticized because new Raid managers like Argos came also quickly right into the video game. You want to permit anyone to play new material when they come.

When the materials of this statement showed up, one more roadmap needs to then be expected in June. Up until then, Amazon wishes to watch on the progression of the players and assess exactly how much of the fans in Arkesia better created. Both in terms of horizontal along with the vertical progression.

In addition, you intend to collect player responses to react a lot more versatile and adjusted to the dreams of the fans as well as the happenings in the area.

What do you consider the roadmap for Lost Ark? Are you anticipating the lance carrier or belongs to the gamers who were more happy concerning the originally introduced Arcanist? What is your opinion on both raids from 1.415? What do you think about the quality-of-life functions? Create us in the comments right here at Meinmmo.

Just how does it proceed? emphasizes in the timetable for the following two months that not all materials that expect in Arkesia. You intend to save yourself some surprises for the weekly updates, which should still be there every Thursday.

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