The draft accuses its shadows at the latest: the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles ensure another through-mixing of the first round – the Saints pick up one of the finished picks of the Eagles by Trade.

The Eagles had gone into this draft after several trades in the past offseason with three round-round picks: one came from the Indianapolis Colts in the course of the Carson-Wentz-Trades, one of the Miami Dolphins through a downtrade in the past draft. One of these three round-round picks, Philly now pushes a year back.

The New Orleans Saints receive the Picks number 16 and number 19 in this draft, as well as a six-round pick (number 194). In return, Pick 18 moves to Philadelphia, just like a round-round pick 2023, a two-round pick 2024, as well as a third round pick (101) and a seventh-round pick (237) this year.

Philadelphia has the picks 15 and 18 in the first round of this year’s drafts, while the Saints is now starting with the Picks 16 and 19.

For New Orleans, this decision could mean two things: the Saints could be convinced of this year’s draft class, and on this way to see the opportunity to take one of the top tackles and one of the top receivers; With pick number 16 you climb in front of the Los Angeles Chargers, which could have the same position groups in mind.

BREAKING: Saints Trade Up In 2022 NFL Draft w/ Philadelphia Eagles; New Orleans Now Picks #16 & #19
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Alternatively, New Orleans could also use the ammunition accumulated this year to climb ultimatively to the top 10. Then this trade would probably be the preparation to grab a quarterback in this year’s draft.

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