In the adventure MMORPG LOST ARK there is something to do. You can play alone or alone, moving around the world, performing various quests and defeating monsters. But regardless of whether you are playing alone or with friends, you will want to get some emotions, including the emotion “roar.” It can make you wonder how to get the emotion of RoAR in Lost Ark.

To get the Emotion of Roar in Lost Ark, you need to go to Freedom Island and talk to black fang. . She is a special seller on the island, which will sell you the emotion “roar” for 300 Mons of Gina . Be sure to activate the subject in the inventory after it is purchased!

Where to find ROAR emotion in Lost Ark

You can find the emotion of Roar on the island of freedom, talking to Blackfang. Freedom Island is south of Anikka as well as east of Eastern Lomerers . It is dangerous water in the bay in the form of a crescent. As soon as you land on the island, you will need to find a black fang.

Black fang can be found on the eastern side of the island in the hut. If you look at your card, you will see its location marked with a gray seller icon. Just go here and talk to her to find and get the emotion “roar” in the “Lost Ark”.

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