Lost Ark has many collectible items that can be found in various fields. However, none of them is so numerous as wet seeds. These little seeds look like fruit and have a green glow. Mococo Seeds can be found on many Lost Ark Islands.

On the island of AIDS there is 5 wet seeds on it. Players will need to find them to complete this island. Once you have found seed, just come to it and press G to gather it. Here are all the locations of Mokoko seed on the island of AIDS.

All Fomona Island Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark

Where to find all seeds mocook on the island of AIDS in Lost Ark

AIDS island is available only at a certain time, so pay attention to it before hunting for wet seeds. Four are hidden than five mococo seeds here. You need to use hidden ways marked Yellow stars Find them.

The remaining wet seed is easy to find in the northeast corner of the island. As soon as you collect all the seeds, do not forget to take up the business and defeat the boss, which you can find here on the island of AIDS!

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