Developer Cortez Productions is developing a horror game “ THE BACKROOMS LOST TAPE “. The compatible platform is PC (STeam) and is scheduled to be delivered within 2022. The horror game is transmitted.

“The Backrooms Lost Tape” is a horror game that is on a mysterious space and backroom. The main character who worked as a guide for a certain cinema will be lost in this backroom by accident. The location seems to be in some facilities, but he has no signs of people. Overall yellowish sights are felt strange, and only the damp smell of the old carpet is drifted.

In this work, the player will aim to escape from this backroom. The light of the fluorescent lamp lightly lights, and the dim passage is also felt so that it continues. It seems to be a spacious space that is no nothing, but this work has survival elements, and it seems that you have to go through the game while doing hunger and thirst. In addition, it is necessary to secure a pocket light battery. If no battery is gone and flashlight can not be used, it may lead to death.

In the backroom, although there are no people there are people, they will advance search while feeling the existence of “something”. For example, the projector suddenly moves out suddenly in a dark room, the sound of water jumps in a place like a pool, and the sound of the water is heard. Furthermore, it is also possible to discover the body of a bloody person. The player will eventually encounter that “something”.

This work is one of the features that progress from a viewpoint such as shooting with a video camera that the main character has a hand. Hand blurry that has been reproduced well with an old camera-like video and speech noise has improved a sense of reality. This is a pattern that is the setting that someone is watching and watching this photographed video.

The backroom (The Backrooms) is actually a neta in the backroom. Members in the image of a yellow room posted to Overseas Forum 4Chan, with the user adding a horrored story. In addition, a short-story video work (published below), which has been published on YouTube in January this year, has attracted attention as more than 23 million times.

Such backroom video works have been produced and published, and as one of the flows, the game development is exciting. When the title search “BackRooms” is searched by STeam, 10 more works are hit. “The Backrooms Lost Tape” is one of the games affected by such kind of social phenomena. Development source Cortez Productions sells your own assets for Unreal Engine and Unity, and is high technology. This work is expected to be a work with high quality visual representation.


“The Backrooms Lost Tape” is scheduled to be delivered within 2022 for PC (Steam).

  • Video works with 16-year-old video writer Kane Pixels

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