“I have the agony of choice,” says coach Christoph dabrowski. The best conditions so to land after four victorious league games with only a single counter again a victory. Especially since the FC Erzgebirge has virtually descended. Coach Pavel Dotchev, however, declared the game against 96 to the final. “Accordingly, we also know what to get on us. He will try to take care of an emotional and heated atmosphere. They will try to pack the last straw,” says Dabrowski, who is still the opponent on Tuesday in the catching game at HSV Viewed live.

Trainerportr├Ąt 2021/22 | Christoph Dabrowski

The 43-year-old is “Totally convinced that we can do it again, gain games and bring the necessary points. The whole team is required to get out of the situation”.

32 Counters collected 96th – four more than Dynamo Dresden on the Relegation Rank 16. With three points on Saturday, Dabrowski “move things in the right direction”. Because: “The points we have now will not be enough.” You do not have to be a football prophet. The fact is that the disappointing performance will not be enough last Saturday at 1: 1 in the home game against Jahn Regensburg, too, to score in the Erzgebirge triple. For this, 96 has to increase significantly. And Dabrowski must find the players who are able to do so. The quantity is currently available, there are doubts about the quality…

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