Already early in the game you could guess that Hinteregger caught a true sawn day. Like a torpedo he flew in the 14th minute in the duel with Barça striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to clarify a Traoré flank by head. In the 27th minute he sent Aubameyang with fair means to the ground as he defended aggressively forward and thus initiated a counterattack. 35 minutes were played as he carried a ball over well and like 70 meters perfectly in the run of Filip Kostic. Whenever it burned, Hinteregger was on the spot and clarified.

The Austrian advanced to the tower in the battle, you could also say: he alone looked like a fortress secured with a hundred guns. Only once it was too fast. At Barcelona’s lightning fast Tiki Taka before 1: 1, he opened the room for Ferran Torres – a small mistake that prevented even better rating (true sawn-grade 1.5). But as well as he became the best man on the field as well as the final final return to Betis Seville.

“Henti had just rounded the one or the other phase in which it did not ran so. But he has his qualities, and he brought over years outstanding achievements. Now he is an extremely important factor again. We have always believed in Henti and are Glad he is currently very good again, “says sports board Markus Krösche.

Above all, coach Oliver Glasner praises the strong performance as collective. “Martin has dilated very much. But I could say that about Tuta or Evan Ndicka. Filip Kostic was very disciplined, Ansgar Knauf did it against Ferran Torres top. I could go through every single player, everyone would have earned, highlighted, If the coach sums up before he returned to Hinteregger again: “We knew that Martin has great qualities. That he now brings the place again so constantly in the square, is pleased – and of course him especially.”

Pilgrimage to Barcelona

In the second leg at Camp Nou Next Thursday, however, not only Hinteregger has to grow over again to create the sensation and collect into the semi-finals. “We have to put a shoother again because Barcelona has another intensity at home”, knows croses, “but we have all the possibilities, and now we will see that we win in Barcelona and continue.”

Martin Hinteregger is Amazing at Marking in 2021!
In support, the Hesse will not be lacking in Catalonia. Although the Eintracht only received 4750 tickets, there are estimates that over 20,000 fans will make their way to Barcelona.

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