For the U23 it goes further in the league with high clock count. Last night, the team of coach Kieran Schulze-Marma’s coach won 3-0 against the molded SV Schermbeck and finished the qualifying round. 20 games are played, 25 points have tackled the eagle carriers. This means square twelve in the overall ranking, in the now applicable relegation round table two. “If we go back to where we came here last summer, the placement and dot yield is good. We have a completely new team in which 14, 15 players play their first senior year. Therefore, I’m satisfied with the level, “sums up the U23 coach, for which now an exciting chapter starts:” We did not do it all with a collection and descent. You just just play against direct competitors. Every victory and any defeat count doubles. “

Relegation Battle in the Bundesliga: Decision Day on Last Matchday

The young eagle delivered on Thursday evening in its own living room, the Provincial Young’s Arena, perhaps the “best game of the season” as the coach himself says. “We have also earned in height and I am glad that we have taken the three points again.” Professional loan Jan Dahlke (18th) brought the U23 leadership, Nick Selutin (48.) and Luis Frieling (70.) Introductory two goals followed the final score. “The victory and the performance were important to us. That was a good step. “

But the Prussians can not rest on that, but on Sunday, the adventure residual round starts with the home game at the Hammer Spvgg. After that, the U23 is already demanding on Thursday in Clarwood, on Monday then the home game against Westfalia Herne. “That’s an extremely high load for the boys,” says Schulze marching, which a program must complete his protégés in the coming 10 days. With the last two mandatory games, there were five lots in 15 days. At the beginning of June at the latest falls, after ten other games in the relegation round, the decision on the class preservation.

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