Although Lost Ark has a lot of free content, it also has an in-game store, where you can buy content for real money and in-game currency. One thing about which you may wonder, and what he does is the truncation chest.

Lost Ark : Punika Completation Chest Path Clear Chest

The coil completion chest is in-game subject You can purchase in the in-game store for 5,500 royal crystals. You will receive up to 2,600 crystals and a clean Tideshelf Path chest when you open it.

Is it worth buying a cook completion chest in Lost Ark?

We recommend Do not buy a coil completion chest But instead, just buy the T3 1330 object in the in-game store. This is because these two chests stand the same number of royal crystals. But the main difference is that the Chest of the 1330 level of the T3 object contains 2,600 crystals, and the cooler completion chest is up to 2600 crystals.

Ultimately, you decide how you want to spend your money and gaming currency. You can go through most of the Lost Ark, without spending anything; You just may have to grind instead.

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