The Holstein had classified the Keeper in his winter ranking 2020/21 in place 1 among the second division goalkeepers. A position that could not hold the Greek in the current season. In the summer now his time ends at Holstein after three years.

Because: The place in the gate has taken over in this season Thomas Dange.

Gelios excludes extension

Gelios experienced memorable days at the Fjord. And shaped. He was the hero at the legendary two-round cupPh against FC Bayern in January 2021, a round later parished in the secondary final against Darmstadt even two penalties and was another winning guarantor for Holstein, which was stopped in the semi-finals at 0: 5 in Dortmund.

Only ten missions this season and the banking place at Neu-Coach Marcel Rapp complies with Gelios’ claims not.

#Rückpass mit Ioannis Gelios

GamesCline Ioannis Gelios

Reason enough for the native Augsburger, who will be 30 years old in April, to reconsider his future. An extension on the Fjord he has excluded, wants to reorient itself. Gelios’ decision has fallen – remains open where the future is: first lots of offers, even from abroad, are available. Concrete offers or negotiations is probably not yet.

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