Finally, Ciberpunk 2077 finally arrived at PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X earlier this year with the launch of the 1.5 patch. This moment is one that many fans had been waiting for Ciberpunk 2077 arrived for the first time at the end of 2020. However, although this update was a great time for the game, many other fanatics have been wondering what is the state of the future DLC And the expansions for the open world role play. Fortunately, thanks to a CD Projekt Red developer, now we have a better idea of what happens behind the scene.

An Update on Cyberpunk 2077’s Future
During a new live broadcast (seen by Reddit), Ciberpunk 2077 The director of missions, Pawel Sasko, spoke more about the work he still has to do to CD Projekt Network in the game. Specifically, Sasko recognized that there is still “work to do” in ciberpunk 2077 and revealed that his own efforts on the project have not stagnated at all. “We are working on things for you. As if he were literally reviewing missions every day, talking to people about things, so he’s happening, “Sasko said.

Speaking more about new content that is actually reaching Ciberpunk 2077 in the form of DLC or expansions, Sasko made it clear that CD Projekt Network plans have not yet changed on this front. That said, he also affirmed that he still is not in a position to talk about what could come on the horizon. “Unfortunately I can not tell you anything about our future plans,” Sasko said. «[But] I can assure you that we are working on expansions; We are working on things for you ».

For now, it is still unknown when ciberpunk 2077 you will get these promised expansions, but it is likely that we learn more as 2022 continues onwards. Until then, the game in its current form can be played on the PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.

What do you expect to see from the future DLC that is directed to Ciberpunk 2077? Let me know for yourself in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

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