When the derby emotions excluded into the extreme, Robin Knoche had already disappeared in the catacombs of the Olympic Stadium and waited for “liquid entering the body”. “Maybe I was just too fast or the result was too good that you did not believe me that” – at least, so it tells the center-back of Union Berlin in the new issue of “Robin Knoche meets Dazn”, he had to be after 4: 1 At Hertha BSC first for doping control.

Therefore, after the final whistle, Knoche experienced neither the feasts of the exhalated Union fans on Saturday properly with the action of some angry Hertha ultras, which prompted their team to take off their jerseys and decline. An action that can only shake the head about the bit.

Take off the jersey? “I would not do that at all”

“An absolute anding, I have to say honestly,” said the 29-year-old. “I do not think that our fans would ever do. Because in the end, you try to give everything for the club. And even if you show a bad performance or sometimes lose a game: this does not do any purpose. We are all Only people and everyone tries to get the most out of themselves. “

Above all, some young Hertha professionals had followed the request of the followers. How could Knoche behave? “As outstanding, who was not affected in the situation, I would say: I would not do that at all. The only thing I do not want to accuse me is that I give everything for the club or the team. And I think that’s what the guys did. “

11. April 202201: 28: 41 hours

KMD # 126 – Robin Knoche

Benni Zander leads again with Robin Knoche reporter Matthias Thershy through the secluded KMD program with Robin Knoche reporter and welcomes a freshly baked derby winner with Robin Knoche! The Union Center Defender Analyzes the 4: 1 Success in the Olympic Stadium at the City Trival, gives an insight into the complex topic “Doping Control on Game Day” and recalls special training methods in Wolfsburg under Felix Magath. In addition, Benni and Matthias discuss, among other things, the Hertha crisis, the current location in the 2nd league and the top game on the island between City and Liverpool.

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