One of the many Lost Ark’s many game systems revolves specialty people who meet their adventure in the course of your adventure. Once you meet these special NPCs, there are 71 personalities as a whole, you can build a friendly relationship with these, which ranges from “neutral” to at best “affection”. As a reward, silver pieces, gold, cards, value enhancement drinks, runes, collective objects and much more.

Since there are so many NPCs where you can improve his reputation, many players are currently asking what person they should first improve the relationship. On these and other questions we go in our guide around the affinity system from Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) below. If you have any further questions, this is happy to skin in the comment. And if you want to treat a pioneer package of Lost Ark, then look here!


How do you improve a relationship?

Lost Ark: As in real relationships, love also goes through the stomach in Lost Ark. Source: Buffed Lost After you have met an NPC with a relationship status, you can increase your reputation in this. There are several possibilities available for this:

  • Plays an instrument in dialogue with the NPC: 5 x daily
  • In dialogue with the NPC an emote: 5 x daily
  • Ranges to the NPC in dialogue a gift: 99 overall

Note : The number of daily actions is shared by all characters of your accounts. In addition, you need enough music and action counter to play music and work emotes. The relationships are reset daily at 11:00. Anyone who has an active crystalline aura may carry out a relationship campaign during the day. In addition, you can also increase the reputation of NPCs about quests associated with each person.

Source: Buffed Lost Lost Ark: Guide to the relationships – increase your reputation with music, that goes a few times a day. Source: Buffed Lost Lost Ark: Guide to the relationships – bring Thirain early to “friendly”, that pays off. Source: Buffed Lost Lost Ark: Guide to the relationships – with the right gift you make the inhabitants of Arkesia especially happy.

Which call stages are there?

Most NPCs have the following four call stages:

  • Neutral
  • Friendly
  • Friendly
  • Trusted

If you open the sub-item “relationship” over Alt + N or the “adventure” menu item, you see in the list, however, individual NPCs marked with a red heart. At these you even have the opportunity to get the call rank “affection”. For all NPCs and call ranks, the higher the rank, the more and / or better rewards wave (there are scattered exceptions). Note that you receive some rewards automatically. Others in turn must be collected manually in the “relationship” interface.

Who should you first increase your call?

One of the questions asked the most at Twitch is: Which NPC should I first increase my call? Is there something like a priority list? Before we deal with it, we have three fundamental tips for you:

  • See that from the first day in Lost Ark, you fully extend your relationships for instrument games and emotes, no matter what NPC. The actions you do not use will not be credited to you in the following day!
  • In the long term, you will want to bring as well as every NPC to the reputation maximum because all useful rewards have in their luggage. It is all the more important that you extend the limited actions earliest possible.
  • Make your gifts for the first time until you unlock the majority of the NPCs and decided to give you which NPCs you want to contain first.

Lost ARK: Guide to the relationships – we will see you soon blending with this dwarf blacksmith. Source: Buffed Lost

Gold is the way to your heart

Lost Ark: Guide to Relations – Some rewards have to pick up manually. Source: Buffed Lost now to the question of which people you should first go to your “Best Buddy”. Our recommendation: Let the gold decide! Unlike silver, gold is not thrown on every corner. At the same time, your gold needs for your auction house purchases (approximately to enhance the equipment of your character) or for conversion into blue crystals (for the activation of the ABOS crystalline aura).

Several strategies are open to you. For example, you can first focus on the increase in NPCs like Thirain, Schwarzzahn or Ealyn, as they provide you with “friendly” with 200 gold each. Already in two days you can reach this call level. Nia and Hariya bring you to “friendly” even much more gold (1,400 and 700 gold), but you make this only in the endgame zone Punika.

Or you are looking for the NPCs that promise you the biggest batzen gold over all calls – at Sasha are about a total of 3,500 gold. Here you have to invest several weeks to squeeze out the greatest possible fortune from your friendship. Early something gold for the smoother entry or medium term a lot of gold? You decide!

Giant hearts equal skill points!

Giant hearts are among the collectors of Lost Ark. That means in turn: In Arkesia there’s NPC dealers who reward you with extra bags as soon as you have achieved special milestones when collecting giant hearts. And some of these milestone rewards are potions that provide you with additional skill points! So: Also prioritizes NPCs that grant you giant hearts! Beatrice from Trixion belongs to these, but also the already mentioned Sasha.

There’s also a mount reward?

In fact, you can also earn a fancy mount over your relationship status. Poppy will provide you with the rare shadowwolf from the call level, with whom you may attract all eyes in the first time. Otherwise, you can find all sorts of exciting stuff with the rewards of the 71 Arkesia “celebrities”. Maybe just the item after you are looking for! As soon as you brought the introductory phase behind you and reached level 50, it is definitely worth throwing a longer look into the Relationship menu to look for further interesting rewards. And as already said: Long term, you should bring most NPCs maximum.

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