The National Wave Exhibition of the National Wave exhibition was announced on April 15, that it is prohibited to broadcast unauthorized games. The National Wave Exhibition The General Bureau of the Exhibition of Gwangmun is divided in 2018, with a team of TV, radio and Internet broadcasting. This announcement that the announcement of the National Wave Exhibition and the Exhibition Board of China Communist Party, and the US Communist Party, said that it was announced in conjunction with the linkage of the Korea Communist Party.

China's new regulations on Gaming (disturbing)

This notice is not just to limit the broadcast of streams. It is impossible for online games that are not approved by the Organizing Department in various Internet audiovisual programs such as web drama, web entertainment, internet live broadcasting, and short video.

In addition, existing game broadcasting contents are also restricted. Each Internet streaming platform, especially the game streaming platform should be maintained by linking the management program associated with comment reviews and chatting on content installation or promotions. In Article 3, the Games Casters and Comments will behave to behave so that they will not behave in accordance with the breeze, and the streams have been emphasized to take over the flashing hobbies and their activities to broadcast.

In addition, it has been regulated not only, but also the game, as well as the game, but also the game, as well as prohibiting the appearance of the live broadcast and streamer broadcasting of criminals and to avoid streaming of the streamer. Here, the Internet streaming platform required a separate measure of a separate measure to refund the mature program installation and real name system for minor protection, and a minor’s doodulation prohibition and minors were conducted.

In addition, the classification review reporting system will be strictly applied to Internet streaming. The National Wave Exhibition The General Department of Exhibition and the Central Shenzhen should report to the Games Live Streaming at this announcement, and each Internet streaming platform specifies that if you want to live overseas games or games, you must have permission to be permitted.

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