Nuri Sahin has started as head coach for almost half a year. As a coach of the Turkish first division of Antalyaspor he has set an impressive series, led the club from a relegate place to the secure midfield of the Süper Lig. For the future, however, the 33-year-old dreams of a return to his ex-club BVB.

In a video interview at “Tivibu Spor”, the 33-year-old coach new first explained that he pursues ambitious plans with Antalyaspor: “I am very happy here. I want to stay here.”

Sahin has signed a long term for the long term for the club for the club, for which he was still as a player until the last fall and had stood the first eight season games on the lawn until October.

Nuri Sahin dreams of return to BVB

The native Lüdenscheider, who played in the Bundesliga for the first time at the age of 16, but did not make a secret of what he has defined as a large career goal as a coach: “I have goals: I want to win pokal. I want to be successful. I want to train Dortmund. “

Nuri Sahin Farewell - Dortmund Fans Honour Former BVB Player
Borussia Dortmund is the large club love of the 51-Palesturkish national player. For the BVB, he ran, interrupted by foreign stations at Real Madrid, FC Liverpool and Feyenoord Rotterdam, in more than 270 competitive games.

With the black and yellow he celebrated great successes such as 2011 the German Championship and 2017 the DFB Cup victory.

Great praise for two ex-BVB coaches

Before he became a head coach at Antalyaspor from the player and captain, he has exchanged intensively in advance with his ex-coach Jürgen Klopp, shafted Sahin.

He is already dreaming of having to step in the footsteps of his mentor at the BVB at some point and stand “in constant contact” with Klopp, as Sahin, but also swarmed by his former coach Thomas Tuchel.

His tactical work at BVB had him “at that time very impressed,” Sahin said.

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