Who belonged to the recognition for his first goal, Erling Haaland immediately clearly made: ostenttive applauding the Norwegian after the gate to the 5-0 on the two preparers Marco Reus and Julian Brandt and appreciated their delivery to the final point of a fifteen-minute BVB fireworks.

Brandt & Haaland albern im Interview / BVB - Union Berlin

For 422 minutes, the otherwise constant Knipsend striker had not met for the BVB that was comparatively slight insertion into the orphaned Wolfsburger housing broke the spell that nobody was. Previously, it was apparent that Haaland was significantly more attended in the game than other performances last: again and again he dropped, balls made festivals and served as a wall player and for the late offensive four-seaters with the upstanding outstanders Tom Rothe and Marius Wolf and the double -Teen Brandt and Reus.

The very big love is no longer between the club and its star-employee, no longer so enthusiastically celebrated the Südtribüne fully occupied for the second time the actions of the attacker. Whether the obviously changing player somewhat cooled relationship is now more likely to be a purpose community, but which harmonized against Wolfsburg – not only at the 5-0, but also at the sixth hit after the break, as Haaland again at the end of a combination chain of Reus and Brandt again Stand and the ball in a well-known manner promoted humorless with links to the gate.

No diagnosis: Haaland does not want to make pictures

And that, although he is actually only conditionally operational. “He’s still problems with his ankle, we are in constant exchange,” Marco Rose reported after the game: “It is getting better and better, but he is not painless.” Even before the game, the coach had betrayed that his striker still wears the blessur from the international match against Armenia, but a precise diagnosis but lack, because Haaland does not want pictures: “We can not push the boy in the tube to the boy, If he does not want that for himself. “

Whether from athletic ambition or calculus overlooking the upcoming change in the summer – the professional bites on the teeth and proved against the Lowows on Saturday that the injury obviously does not hinder him. “You have seen today that he can tolerate the pain very well,” Rose was.

No prospect has not reported to BVB

Despite the small thirsty trail last, a great application in the form of goals does not need the 21-year-old for its sporting perspectives in Spain or England. At BVB, no prospect has not yet reported, the future sports director Sebastian Kehl reported before the game against Wolfsburg near Sky, due to the exit clause in the summer, but this is no longer necessary at a later date. For the club, a timely decision of the player would be important for its own transfer planning, a period for the clause is also available. “We want a decision as soon as possible,” says Kehl.

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