A combat diet Cykin Type C is one of the cheapest items for making in Lost Ark. You need only 900 silver and two ingredients in Scraplands Area Artethine.

Where to find Cykin Combat Ration Type C

Cykin Combat Ration Type C Lost Ark
The combat diet CYKIN COMBAT RATION TYPE C consists of two ingredients: the X-1 vacuum drying powder and the X-3 vacuum drying powder. Both are in the city Skaptlands area, as shown below.

It is difficult to see the vacuum powder X-3 because of the roof, but simply hover the roof pointer when you are in location to find it. Vacuum-dried X-1 powder is located next to the generator in the bag on the ground.

Go to Cooking Master Market District in Stern origin Region when you have both ingredients. It is located next to Tavern Sturdy .

Talk to the master of cooking to open his store, and buy CYKIN TYPE C in 900 silver.

Go to your inventory and right-click on CYKIN TYPE C battery use it. After that, your character will notice that it hurts the belly, but you will receive an entry in your foliant.

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