The Dallas Mavericks have returned in the series against Utah Jazz! Without Luka Doncic, the MAVs drive a 110: 104 victory – on the one hand, because Jalen Brunson makes the game of his life, on the other hand, because Maxi Glue explodes from Downtown.

Since the high school, Brunson has not achieved so many points, its 41 meters (15/25 FG and 6/10 threesome) presented a career repair in the NBA, whether Regular Season or playoffs. The Guard took the MAVs offense over wide stretches of the Parte on his back, since Luka Doncic had to pause again due to a calf ceremony.

Brunson partially closed the jazz defense at will, in addition to his scoring, he often found the triangiers (5 assists at no turnover), the Utah, especially in the fourth quarter of immigration frames. This was also considered for adhesive, which set up a playoff-career high with 25 points, and thereby sinked 8 of its 11 threes. Spencer Dinwiddie contributed 17 points and 6 assists to victory.

At the jazz, the Trio Donovan Mitchell (34, 13/30 FG), Bojan Bogdanovic (25) and Jordan Clarkson (21, 8/11 FG) to Wehr, but against Dallas’ six threesome alone in the final portion did not reach that anymore. Rudy Gobert came to 8 points and 17 rebounds. At the booth of 1-1, the series now changes to Salt Lake City, where it continues in the night on Friday with game 3.

With Doncic, except battle continue to familiar MAVS coach Jason Kidd the same starting five as in Game 1, Utah did not make any changes. Almost as substituted compared to series production started But Brunson started: The Guard had powerful target water intu and built Dallas with three threes for a 14: 6-start. Mitchell prevented that the households had settled, also helped a monster block of Gobert against Josh Green. 24:24 After the first quarter.

Dallas Mavericks: Maxi Klue burns threesome fireworks

Afterwards, the MAVs and Jazz exchanged several threesters, the Duo Mitchell / Clarkson gave guests a small advantage. Especially Mitchell started where he had stopped in Game 1 and was barely stopping by the Mavs. Jazz ended the first half with a 7: 0 run to 55:48.

After change, Dinwiddie quickly conceded his fourth foul, but he did not let himself be made of rest. Together with Brunson he brought back the Mavs, later, glue gave his team with two triples in a row. Although Bogdanovic found a quick response for jazz, but again glue – this time with the quarter-buzzer \ – shortened from downtown to 77:81 from MAVS view.

The W├╝rzburger was now completely hot and let another disinrode follow, offensive-rebounds of the guests did Dallas but hurt. Dorian Finney-Smith (9) gilded a 8-0 run to the new MAV lead. Brunson now attacked Clarkson or Mitchell, leaving the American Airlines Center with his next Bucket to the Tollhaus (+3 at still 5:40 to play).

Two minutes later, the MAVS fans exploded again, as glue again twice welded two threesome in a row through the Reuse. Bogdanovic behaved, but the next drive-and-kick brought Finney-Smith an open corner-freeer to the 107: 102. Utah had now neither offensive nor defensive a response, Brunson made the lid on the lunch from the frewurflinie.

MAVs vs. Jazz: The most important statistics

Dallas Mavericks (4) Vs. Utah Jazz (5) 110: 104 (Boxscore), Series: 1-1

  • Already one and a half minutes before the end of the first half, the two teams had reached the number of successful three things from game 1 (16). This was mainly due to the MAVs, who had a much happier hand of Downtown this evening. Dallas sinked 22 triples at 47 try because Utah could not keep up (11/29).
  • Brunson and Mitchell finished the first half with 21 meters, but the jazz star was allowed to look forward to a little more support. The non-Brunson MAVs stood at this time when manageable 10/30 out of the field. After the side change then Dinwiddie delivered and above all adhesive important additional scoring.
  • The focus of the MAVs in the first half was clearly clear on degrees from the perimeter – 26 of 44 field of field attempts came from the distance. So you wanted to go from the way, the disadvantage of this tactic was a tremendous discrepancy in the free throws. Utah attacked the ring much more frequently and stood at 14 free throws for break. Dallas with two. Overall, Utah had an advantage of 17:10 among the transformed free throws. Also at rebounding, jazz had advantages (50:31, 11: 2 offensive rebounds).
  • The list of 40-point scorer of the MAVs in the PostSeason is not long, actually includes only five names. Brunson joins his explosion against jazz in the club of Dirk Nowitzki, Doncic, Rolando Blackman and Nick Van Exel. Even more historic: In the complete playoff history of MAVs only Jason Terry (9, 2011 against Lal) has more threesome sunk in a game than glue.
  • And: The 3 turnover presented a playoff lowest value for the MAVs. Previously, the franchise record was 5 ball losses in a playoff game. According to the MAVs, there were 3 or fewer ball losses in the PostSeason since 1982/83 ligawide only eight times.

Mavs vs. Jazz: The votes to the game

Maxi glue (MAVs): “I told this morning to [Finney-Smith]: ‘Today I leave 10 threesome flying.’ So I set the sound for me. We know that you will leave some boys openly. We just have to put down. “

The star of the game: Jalen Brunson

The Career High – whether Regular Season or Playoffs – fell seven and a half minutes before the end after a strong drive, where he made conley old look. Brunson wore the MAVs offense over long distances of the game, in the fourth quarter he played his teammates with targeted attacks against the Jazz Guards several open threesters. Also bear strong: maxi glue!

The flop of the game: Mike Conley

It was offensively nothing. Literally, because none of his 7 throw tests landed in the ring. Conleys 0 points were of course too little. Defensive also with foul problems and Brunson caught him a different time on the wrong foot.

JALEN BRUNSON DROPS 41 POINTS in Dallas Mavericks Game 2 Win Over the Utah Jazz | Mavs Podcast

Mavs vs. Jazz: The scene of the game

It was symptomatic for this game and for the tactic, with the Dallas jazz in the fourth quarter immander. For the guests, it must have been a deja-vu from recent years, and again and again, the Mavs Guards passed their perimeter defenders, Gobert hurried to the help, but the pass came to the outside – and there, for example, glue brought the hall there Shortly before the end of the quake. The blueprint, how to hit the jazz with a small ball.

NBA playoffs: MAVs vs. Jazz – The series at a glance

Game Date Time Home Away result
1 16. April 19 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz 93:99
2 19. April 2.30 clock Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz 110: 104
3 22. April 3 o’clock Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks
4 23. April 10.30 pm Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks
5 26. April TBD Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz
6 * 29. April TBD Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks
7 * 1. May TBD Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz

*if necessary

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