With the shortage of semiconductor supply, the main semiconductor price for smartphones is expected to come again this year. It is observed that smartphone price hikes are inevitable due to chip price hikes.

According to the 22nd Market Research Counterpoint Risper, the supply situation of smartphones for smartphones, power management semiconductors (PMICs), and display driver-based (DDICs) are the most serious and price hikes are expected.

Semiconductors for smartphones ▲ 5 ~ 10% for 5G flagship smartphone ▲ 4G medium sized AP 10% ▲ PMIC 15 ~ 20% ▲ DDIC / TDDI 5 ~ 10% ▲ CMOS image sensor (CIS) 1200 ~ 4800 CIT % ▲ Wireless communications Chips (RFIC) are expected to be raised this year earlier this year.

These chips have been raised last year. Last year, DDIC / TDDI rose 30 to 40% over the previous year, and PMIC is 20 to 40%, and 4G AP is irradiated to 5%.

On the other hand, memory prices for smartphones this year are expected to be cut. The DRAM is expected to be 10 ~ 15%, and NAND is expected to cut 10%.

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Chip price hikes are inevitable to rise in smartphone costs. The counterpoint is the premium smartphone (more than $ 600) this year, and the Mid End Smartphone ($ 300-450) is 8 ~ 16% increase, low end (less than $ 150) It is expected that% is expected to be raised.

The counterpoint has been new, while the counterpoint has released the chip price outlook, the smartphone prices have increased.

Semiconductor shortages for smartphones are expected to be relaxed in the second half of this year.

William Ree Counter Point Semiconductor Research Institute said, “Wafer production expansion, semiconductor supplier, and a smartphone manufacturer’s chip inventory accumulation,” Some parts supply can be improved in the first quarter of this year, In the third quarter or in the early days, the supply of smartphones for smartphones will be relaxed. “

“But now, Shanghai and the surrounding area are suffering from the production of some smartphones due to blockade to prevent corona 19 proliferation. He said, “he said.

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