Amazon and the Smilegate team have been struggling with a bot problem in Lost Ark for some time. A million accounts were banned over at the beginning of March that were identified as bot in online role-playing. In a recent video, Twitch streamer Asmongold has also dealt with the topic. He is also convinced that the title for the largely consists of bots .

Asmongold Proves Lost Ark Players Aren’t Real

that says asmongold to the bots in Lost Ark

On its reasoning, Asmongold also provides some evidence of why the MMORPG is overcrowded with bots. He looks at the number of players that are determined via SteamdB. While other role -playing games always experience a daily up and down, in which half of the players are sometimes lost, the numbers at Lost Ark are almost constant. Titles such as New World, Final Fantasy 14 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are shown as a comparison.

developer looking for a solution

Of course, the team has also noticed that the community is annoyed by the bots in Lost Ark in the past few weeks. That is why the problem is now at the top of the list of priorities The developer. Several tools are planned that will be published in the future and to make life difficult for bots. Asmongold speaks about the problem in Lost Ark for over 30 minutes. We integrated the YouTube video below for you.

extensive April update was recently published

In terms of content, Lost Ark (buy now € 19.99) received a few days ago with the April update . Among other things, the lance carrier appeared in the online role-playing game, which is one of the advanced martial artists. A new continent including a quest series for advanced players was also part of the update.

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