In an interview, Lead Combat Designer Brian Holinka announced that with WoW: Dragon Flight New Class Pale Combinations will come into play. Blizzard would like to set few limits to the WoW players in the future. A good start, but the WoW players want more! On the net, fans discuss whether Blizzard should not completely cancel the current class restrictions.

from the meme to reality

With this message, Holinka surprised the WoW community. Blizzard strayed for a long time to put the gentle giants of WoW into a villain costume. And honestly, hardly a player can imagine a stately tauren as a “sneaky assassin”. Tauren villains were a meme for years, nothing more. However, the joke said will become a reality in the near future! Finally, Blizzard throws the concerns overboard and announces that Patch 10.0 will give new class people combinations.

_ Holinka: We’Re Working Towards that but not all classes have the same kinda content requirements. More of this will come over time, but immediately in 10.0 we’Re gonna be making rogues, Mages and priails Available for all races, so everone will be able to go out and make their sneaky tauren tip on on their hooves all around.

With this, players can look forward to this nine class people combinated with Dragon Flight:

  • Tauren magician
  • Hochbergauren-Magier
  • Orc priest
  • Mag’har-Orc priest
  • High-mountain tours priest

How to Pick a Class to play in World of Warcraft 2022(How to get Started)
* Tauren villain
* High-mountain tour villain
* Draenei villain
* Light-forged Draenei villain

No players really believed that tauren and Draenei villains will actually come into play one day. Now the community is out of the house! If tauren villains and ORC priests are available, which class people are still possible?

an unfulfilled dream or soon a reality?

The restrictions in class-populated combinations are no longer up to date, at least a large part of the WoW players mean. Currently the nightborn druids and night elves paladines are very big. Paladines from the people of Gnome and Kul Tiraner are also in demand, as are the Zandalari witch champions and human shamans.

Blizzard linked the previous class people combinations with the history of the respective people. For example, the night elves were not allowed to take a magician’s career for a long time. The developers explained this by frowned upon in the Society of Magic in the Nachtelfen Society, which Teldrassil lived. This Kaldorei blamed the high -borns of the great disaster, which tore the world into pieces 10,000 years ago.

From priest to the paladin. Delas Mondfang joined the order of the silver hand in WoW: Legion. Source: Lead Combat In Cataclysm, however, the first high -born appeared in Darnassus and offered Tyrande and Co help. Blizzard packed this story into a few dialogues and quests, which explained why the players are allowed to play night elves magicians from now on. There was a similar story in Cataclysm for druids of the dark spear role. The developers could theoretically apply this little trick for all class-populated combination. If Blizzard is already that all peoples are allowed to select the priestly class, why don’t then simply continue with paladines?

There is no reason why heroes who have a connection to the light do not also have a plate armor and can vibrate an argument. The best example of this is some night elves that in WoW (buy now): Legion this Have connected the silver hands. And at the latest in the priests from the ranks of the Mag’har-Orcs, every excuse with the Lore would be obsolete. And honestly, theoretically you can link any religion to the Paladin class. In the past, Blizzard has managed well with the paladines from the Tauren and Zandalarit role.

new freedoms provide more fun

The classes have long been no longer about the story or even tradition. Blizzard seems to be recently rethought. In the future there will be no real fraction boundaries, why should the developers still adhere to class restrictions? The peoples of the Horde and Allianz have been exchange ideas for years. The monks showed it in Mists of Pandaria and accepted every Schüller willing to learn, regardless of which people or faction they belong to. The Gnome learned in WoW: Legion the hunter crafts and the Tauren access two rogue stolen in Dragon Flight. and the Dracthyr is also open which faction you want to join . Nothing is impossible in WoW! Maybe a Zandalaritroll would like to take the ways of a witch champion soon. And we already know from the past Blizzard interviews that the demon hunters will share their knowledge with other peoples one day.

What do you think about restrictions in the class-populated combinations in WoW? Should Blizzard lift all boundaries between classes and peoples? Or prefer to continue to orientate yourself on the story and make some class-peely combination impossible? And Which people-class combination would you prefer to see in WoW: Dragon Flight? Write it to us in the comments !

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