The unprocessed input buffer is one of the vital functions of Valorant, presented in Patch 3.07. As follows from the name, the inclusion of the boofer of the unprocessed input in the game settings allows you to enter data using a mouse without filtering and processing through the Windows operating system, which significantly improves the reaction time to input several milliseconds. This is especially convenient for sweaty or competing players who use more than 2000 K 8000 The frequency of their mouse survey in Hz, since their mice, as a rule, send a lot of data in a short period of time.

How to include an unprocessed input buffer in Valorant

You can turn on the unprocessed input buffer in Valorant by performing these steps.

  • Open Valorant and go to the parameters of intra -game settings on the main screen.
  • On the “General” tab, put the cursor and find the [beta] option RawinputBuffer from the section.

why you should turn on RAW INPUT BUFFER in valorant
Click on “ on *” to enable it and close the settings.

After turning on, you will find that your goal has become much faster and faster than before. As mentioned earlier, this is effective only for players who have a high mouse survey frequency above 2000 Hz. Remember that this function is in the beta testing stage, and during the game its performance will decrease. Use it at a training training ground or in ordinary matches before trying it in a rating environment.

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