From the beginning, Wacker Burghausen demanded hosts FC Bayern II, who wanted to keep his little chance in first place. With running intensive counterpressing, the guests forced FCB to take many bad passes. The first goal chance also belonged to WACHER: Bachschmid ran towards the goal without a ball, but only hit the latte from 17 meters (2nd).

In the course of the first half, however, the Munich second representation came better into the game and were able to book the first good opportunities. But either Burghausen got a foot in between or the degrees were too imprecise. The FCB performed in this phase of dominant, but then Burghausen was surprisingly in the lead: Bachschmid entered the FCB penalty room and flanked flat into the five-meter space. The ball slipped unhappily under the body of goalkeeper Kainz and was distracted into his own goal (42nd).

Bitter start in the second half

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Bayern II also started in the second round. Only Burghausen increased by the Bosnjak (51.) in the penalty area, then Agdaje was only accompanied by the FCB defense and hit the distance (53.).

After the setback, Bavaria remained the better team, but continued to fail due to the compact defense of the guests. Due to a direct free kick goal from Schulz, Wacker even increased to 4: 0 (66.). The FCB II continued to try to come dangerously in front of the goal, but could no longer overcome Wacker goalkeeper Schöller.

Seen throughout the game, it was an avoidable defeat of the Munich. Burghausen prevailed due to the better efficiency and decides the championship in the regional league Bayern prematurely in favor of SpVgg Bayreuth.

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