Uli Hoeneß once called him “Piranha”, and Hasan Salihamidzic is also not good to speak of Pini Zahavi: The consultant who had threaded David Alaba’s relegation -free switch to Real Madrid last year wants to with Robert Lewandowski the next prominent client from FC Bayern lure away.

Will Robert Lewandowski be forced to stay at Bayern Munich?! | ESPN FC

“He has a consultant who twists his head who has twisted his head all year round. And that’s just not clean,” said Salihamidzic on Sunday in the “Sport1 double Pass” about Lewandowski and Zahavi.

not a specific offer for Lewandowski? Salihamidzic contradicts

The sports director rejected reports that the Bavarians on the Lewandowski page would not have made a specific offer to extend the contract. “It is very clear that he got an offer with the term and with the sum,” said Salihamidzic, who also suspects Zahavi as the author of other reports. “If he has worn it outside, that’s unfortunate.”

Salihamidzic, announced a week ago by CEO Oliver Kahn, also confirms Salihamidzic: “Lewa has a contract until summer next year, and he will also fulfill it.” That is “very clear”. “The most important thing for us is that with the most important player we have a contract that many clubs in Europe would like to have.” Lewandowski enjoys “greatest appreciation” in Munich.

Above all, the FC Barcelona is building around the 33-year-old FIFA world footballer. Salihamidzic left unanswered whether there is actually a specific offer for the Catalans: “We don’t want to discuss this in public.”

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