Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – a new adventure in the Harry Potter universe. This is a role -playing game with the construction of a deck in which you can explore Hogwarts in the open world, participating in spell duels. Since this happens at Hogwarts, you may be wondering if Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic.

Answer yes Harry Potter , Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley All of them are in Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic. Some appear as characters, cards or both. Despite the fact that you play a new adventure, you can interact with many of your favorite characters from books and films about Harry Potter.

What characters are in Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic?

In addition to Harry, Ron and Hermione, in Hogwarts in Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic, you can find many other familiar faces. You can expect to see Dumbledore , Severus Snape , Moon Lovegud , Hagrid ,Professor McGonagall *, and more. With so many Returning characters, Hogwarts will seem familiar and new to you.

While you are going on a new trip to Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic and meeting new characters, these familiar faces are a pleasant touch to give Hogwartsu Harry Potter magic. So be sure to participate in all magical events to meet all the wonderful witches and wizards from Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic.

Harry Potter: The Magical Awakening Main storyline (level 5)
To get additional information about Harry Potter, read the section What Harry Potter is: Awakening of magic? Release date, preliminary registration and much more, as well as “Harry Potter’s Heritage in Hogwarts – all four faculties” are described in games for professionals.

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