The development of nine AAA -class titles in Gearbox Entertainment has been revealed in the 4th quarter/year report by EMBRACER Group, which acquired the company in 2021.

In addition to Gearbox Software and other development studios, Gearbox Entertainment, which is made up of Gearbox Publishing, which focuses on publishing, has recently recorded “Wonder Land -Tiny Tina and Magic World”, which has recently recorded a good sales with 2K Games publicity. And Hopoo Games developed “Risk of Rain 2” large expanded DLC “Survivors of the VOID” and “Have A Nice Death” developed by Magic Design Studios. For “Wonder Lands”, additional content will be released regularly in the summer of 2022.

In April 2022, the Lost Boys Interactive, which co -developed Wonder Lands, was acquired. In the 4th quarter/year report released by EMBRACER GROUP, Gearbox Entertainment, which continues to expand the scale to achieve the goal, explained that nine AAA titles are being developed, but all nine Gearbox Software are Gearbox Software. It is not clear whether it will be developed by the studio or other studios or the title that will be published by Gearbox Publishing.

Gearbox Software has announced that the adventure game “Tales From the Border Lands” is under development.

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