Almost without warning, Activision Blizzard has published a teaser of the new installment of one of its flagship sagas, with the date on which we can enjoy it. There is less left for October because a new era has been born.

Not too long ago, the announcement of a new Call of Duty game was surrounded by anticipation. The company anticipated news, a lot of deceit, and special events to present the Saga’s future. We assume that because of something like that, Activision Blizzard has suddenly unveiled the first trailer and release date for Modern Warfare 2. Times change, and resources are optimized.

We expected an announcement, and the game’s official account has made it known in the last few minutes on its social networks. But as soon as 6:30 p.m., they have published a tweet with images of the natural world and Modern Warfare 2 in the middle of a transatlantic: and a release date, which will be next October 28.

The comments to the announcement show skepticism and some emotion. A generation has grown up playing Modern Warfare. This kind of reboot of the Saga catches with some enthusiasm and some reservations after the failed experiment that Vanguard has been. However, the Saga draws millions of players, especially with the battle royale Warzone.

In the video, we can draw some conclusions, such as expected returns from the mythical task force 141, such as those of Captain John Price, Simon Ghost Riley, John Soap MacTavish, and Kyle Gaz Garrick.

At the moment, beyond this teaser, we do not know more about the game. However, the most avid are already looking for clues in the video. You can check it out below: One container appears to have a June (or July) 8th date stamp, which could be a preview of when we’ll see more of COD’s annual installment.

Beyond speculation, which will surely grow as the days go by, it is always good news that Call of Duty, one of the most mediatic sagas of recent years in the sector, has a new installment. And with a renowned brand such as Modern Warfare, which is also indicative that the setting will return to a modern conflict and not a hackneyed World War II.

As always, at MGG, we keep an eye on Call of Duty news, but with the announcement of the Modern Warfare 2 release date, we can already say that a new era has been born.

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