Destiny 2 was released in 2017, but the game continues to be popular with expansions that expand the story and add new content. Also, not too long ago, the game switched to a shareware distribution model. Given these factors, it’s no surprise that this team has a huge fan base. Talented fans often bring joy to the world with top-notch fan art and cosplay.

Destiny 2 features three types of Guardians, each with its characteristics and advantages. Today’s selection includes unique creations by cosplayers who like the most cunning and fastest class representative – the Hunter.

Hunters are fearless scouts and cold-blooded killers known for their agility and ingenuity. Fans often cosplay this Guardian class, but the list includes some of the most prominent.

In the wild
This Hunter is armed with a powerful pistol capable of destroying anyone who gets in his way. Cosplayer Argnarock does an excellent job of rebuilding the armor, but the detailing of the helmet and visor is especially noteworthy. The iconic raincoat that flutters in the wind perfectly complements the image. Image quality deserves extra points.

Wake up
This cosplay looks more like a loading screen image than a regular shot. Excellent photo manipulation, hunter attire, and the intricate makeup that the cosplayer manages to transform into an Awakened make for a stunning cosplay.

Few can match Chiyo Chibo for faithful reproduction of hunter gear. This electric subclass is focused on melee combat and therefore prefers sharp blades.
Despite the lack of a helmet, the cosplay received high marks. The hand-painted armor is admirable.

Golden touch
Recreating exotic armor is no easy task for a cosplayer, but FredProps still managed to impress fans with the Celestial Nighthawk helmet. The helmet has become a favorite among players using the Golden Gun’s superpower, as it dramatically increases the damage dealt.
The pants are store-bought, but the guns and metal armor on the knees, chest, and shoulders are great. The emphasis on richly decorated armor and weapons makes the image very impressive.

Bone armor
Kukuzilla deserves applause for her incredible cosplay. Pistols, intricately detailed armor, eerie skulls on the shoulders, and unique hooded capes are convincing.
All this, plus the warpaint on his face, makes up for the lack of a helmet. The only downside is the background bug.

The coming storm
The work of SKSProps looks excellent. However, the background spoiled the overall picture, which makes the cosplay look too cartoony. No wonder because SKSProps is engaged in the production of high-quality cosplay props.

Return to track
Armed with a dependable automatic rifle, the Hunter is ready for any mission. This image is a prime example of how a mix of proper handling and top-notch cosplay can become a masterpiece. Thanks to this, LittleBlondeGoth deserves a place in the top three.

Come back to life
The costume of Taskmaster, the main villain who will appear in the Black Widow movies, is strikingly similar to that of coser S-Seith. Hunters look menacing and intimidating, easily defeating even the most dangerous foes. It should be noted that this photo was taken in 2014.

in the spotlight
Nebulaluben is back on the roster with another gorgeous cosplay. Excellent image quality makes cosplayers look like real characters from the game. Every detail in the image seems incredible.

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