In Osnabrück, the DFB selection, which coach Antonio di Salvo had changed in five positions contrasted to the 1-0 in Israel, had actually begun, but had to dig a little shock at an early stage: Leweling was wounded in the fourth minute, which then survived Alidou had to be replaced as well as left the interior under praise from the rankings. Generally, nevertheless, the defending champion was not impressed and punished a resources incorrect pass from the Hungarian in the individual of Moukoko with the very early lead (17th).

Moukoko and also Burkardt put DFB en route

In the final mins of the initial round, the Magyars also had their initial genuine opportunity when the reason for the penalty involved the header after an edge kick, yet did not seriously demand Mantl (40th). In return, Burkardt also had the dual pack on his foot, but just located the article with its deflected spacer shot. It stayed in the 2-0 break lead.


The photo after that remained identical: the German team dominated, yet there were hardly ever actual possibilities due to inaccuracies as well as the absence of vote over and over. The defensive of the Hungarians had to assist once again, which caused a fine in the 30th min by Iyinbor. The fouled Burkardt began and transformed securely into the center to 2: 0 (31st).

two late hits decide for rough fifty percent

With the 4: 0 as well as the effective certification for the European Champion coating, Germany will protest Poland on Tuesday on Tuesday at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, which proceeds to defend the European Champion ticket in the remote duel. At the very same time, Hungary is tested in Latvia.

In the last quarter of an hour, nevertheless, the residence side turned up once more. Via the 2 goal debutants Krauss (76th) as well as Samardzic (90. +3), the German U 21 screwed up the result to a civil 4: 0.

Rather, after nearly 10 mins of Veszelinov, Veszelinov saved the highest need from the Burkardt (54th). Overall, nevertheless, a nickel as well as sometimes rough 2nd fifty percent created, in which after an hour it additionally had to be harmed by the field prior to the use of a tacker could be prevented ten minutes later on.

The defensive of the Hungarians had to assist once again, which created a charge in the 30th minute by Iyinbor. In the last minutes of the initial round, the Magyars additionally had their first genuine opportunity when the cause of the penalty came to the header after a corner kick, yet did not seriously demand Mantl (40th). Rather, after almost 10 minutes of Veszelinov, Veszelinov saved the greatest demand from the Burkardt (54th). Generally, nonetheless, a nickel and sometimes harsh 2nd fifty percent developed, in which after a hr it also had actually to be harmed by the area before the usage of a tacker can be stopped ten mins later.

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