It is clear that this is a large challenge for brand-new coach Marco Wilder’s feeling, whom it relocated to Würzburg as a coach at Hoffenheim II after 6 and a fifty percent years. His goal at the FWK: From the accumulation of numerous gamers who originate from all instructions, create a group as promptly as feasible that functions as an unit and goes a means with each other.

The gamers must understand the club to make sure that we can relocate more detailed to the followers once again.

Sebastian Neumann

The collaboration, the collaboration, unity: This is now the core subject that the Würzburg Marco Wilders concerns 4th class after the uncontrolled autumn from the second in the second in. Which is also the factor why the team is not yet total.

It is also going as well as coming on the Dallenberg this summer. Würzburg left a number of players after the second descent within a year, a whole series of new players pertained to the twists.


We take our time since we want the appropriate players-with a certain quality, but also with the right character, highlights sports director Sebastian Neumann. The 31-year-old knows that this was not the case at the squad last period. The result: stress, fights and showing off failure.

Müller, Montcheu and Helmer have actually come

Lukas Müller (Sonnenhof Großaspach), Fabrice Montcheu (Tebe Berlin) and Franz Helmer (Eintracht Bamberg): These are the names of the current three techniques. They also must assist that not only the team itself is a unit-especially that group as well as followers turn into one once more.

That is why the Marco Wilders is now something important: The gamers we bring need to relate to the club as well as provide everything for him to ensure that we will certainly relocate better to the fans once again, claims Neumann, This is likewise Make a lack of time on the last days of the video game. You need to say that honestly.

We take our time due to the fact that we want the appropriate players-with a certain high quality, but also with the ideal character, emphasizes sports director Sebastian Neumann. The 31-year-old understands that this was not the case at the team last period. The result: tensions, quarrels and sporting failing.

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