The Lunar Eclipse is one of the most popular katanas in the Elden Ring. In addition to accumulating bleeding like any other sword of its kind, this last one acquires a unique ability that allows it to emit light once it is sheathed.

It is this aspect that earned it the name Lunar Eclipse. Unlike some weapons, this Katana can quickly be found in the Underworld.

Gallery of Gael in Caelid
The Lunar Eclipse is located inside Gael’s Gallery, between Necrolimbo and the Caelid. If you haven’t explored Caelid yet, you can take the map below for reference.

Even if the dungeon is on the border of Necrolimbo, we strongly recommend that you complete the Necrolimbo, Siofra, Liurnia, and Ainsel regions to ensure you have the necessary level to pass this instance.

The Katana can be obtained after defeating the Dragon that you will find at the end of the mine. He is not a simple boss, but he is not a purge either because he is very slow. This will allow you to learn his hits, especially his powerful lava attacks. But, ultimately, it will not cost you too much to turn it into dust.

Details of the lunar eclipse
To equip this Katana, you will need to have the following attributes: Strength (12), Dexterity (18), and Intelligence (23). If you don’t have the correct stats, feel free to use a Larval Tear to reborn Rennala.

The weapon is equipped with a unique ability which is ephemeral moonlight. This skill allows you to draw your weapon instantly and deliver a mighty blow. Both attacks project a wave of light horizontally or vertically at short or even medium-range, dealing magic damage.

These magical attacks are excellent for clearing out a group of opponents or hitting opponents with wings. The ability consumes mana, so you’ll need to think about equipping some vials to restore your CP.

Since this weapon has a unique ability, it is considered exceptional, so to upgrade it, you will need Dark Forge Stone. If you use an Arcane or Dexterity class, it’s a top choice. Note that this Katana can be used in a bleeding build, so if you want to drain your opponents’ blood and you’re a mage, it won’t do you much good.

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