For me it is an excellent way to drive my profession in Basel in the long term, discusses Comas, who won the Youth League in 2017/18 and also most recently dealt with Barcelona in the Primera Division RFEF, the third highest Spanish department. As a result of its history and also global visibility, FC Basel is certainly also known in Barcelona, as well as the 2 clubs likewise have the same colors.

Arnau has been able to gain a lot of experience for a 22-year-old at an extremely good degree as well as, as a captain of Barça B, has likewise taken responsibility, squad planner Philipp Kaufmann is priced quote on the club’s web site. He is a strong central defender that additionally encourages us very much in terms of his physique.

Comas transferred to the well-known La Masia-Die Youth Academy of the FCB in 2010 as a ten-year-old kid from FC Girona to the big FC Barcelona. Appropriately, the central defender went through all the youth teams of the Catalans. Comas completed the last two preparations (summer and wintertime) with the 1st team, but the jump there has actually not yet prospered. For this he last played as a captain of Barcelona B after he was awarded to UE Olot for a year.

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