Old Medicine is a regular item used to print/manufacture consumables such as Strong and Combat Stims to help restore health points in The Cycle: Frontier.

They cost only 150 K-Marks and, therefore, they should not be sold. You will need many stimulants to survive against high-level enemies in high-level areas. This is a fairly good reason to adhere to as many old medicine as possible.

Old medicine is also an object belonging to the Osiris fraction. You can get 2 points of the faction for each item.

The next guide marks all the places where you can find the Old Medicine in The Cycle: Frontier.

Cycle: border places of old medicine

The old medicine can usually be found in medical matters in all areas of the level. Starting medical suitcases of level 1 have the highest chance of 50%. The chance of appearing continues to fall as you go to a higher level.

places of old medicine in bright sands

Waterfall Lab in the northeast is a great place for the Old Medicine farm. Here you will find many medical cases.

You can also go to the vaccine laboratory in the east of the cards to get another prey. The jungle camp in the fast West and the northern forests of a crashed ship are also good places for the Old Medicine farm.

Places of old medicine Crossman Folls

The immediate forest zone north of Greens Prospect is a good place to start the search for Old Medicine. PINNACLE LABS in the northeast corner of the card, probably the best place in Cresscent Falls for the production of Old Medicine.

In addition, you can also go to Favel in the south. Other named POI can also get this subject. Old Medicine is largely scattered throughout the map, but in a small amount.

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