The original The Last of Us and now looks very good, as for the 2013 game, but the Naughty Dog will release this game this game that will update the appearance of The Last of Us Part II this September. Now we also learned that the remake will require much more space on the console’s drive.

Colleagues from Gamingbolt discovered information on the PlayStation website that The Last of us Remake will require as much as 79 gigabytes of free space on the drive. At the same time, The Last of US Remastered asks for only 50 gigabytes from the PlayStation 4 hard drive, which means that the new version of the game will weigh as much as 29 gigabytes more.

Support for all the features of the Dualsense gamepad is also stated, which will allow players to feel intra-game rain due to tactile return, and different modes of work of adaptive triggers are prepared for different types of weapons.

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