Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. announced Wide Care for Nintendo Switch on July 1. Application reception has started on July 1st.

Wide Care for Nintendo Switch is a flat-rate repair guarantee service for Nintendo Switch. If you subscribe to the service, the cost of repair will be guaranteed even if the Nintendo Switch itself or its accessories fail. You don’t have to pay the repair fee separately.

The monthly plan is 200 yen (tax included) and the annual plan is 2,000 yen (tax included). If you enter on a yearly basis, you will get 400 yen. The warranty is to support natural failures, as well as broken water and damage due to falling.

The cost of repair is guaranteed up to 100,000 yen (tax included) a year. The maximum number of times is 6 times. Up to two repairs with the replacement of the main unit, the cost is paid to 100,000 yen per year, up to six times per year. Shipping/receipt shipping in repair is also included in the guarantee. The items to be guaranteed are as follows:

manufactured for Japan
・ Nintendo Switch body (including organic EL model)
・ Nintendo Switch Lite body
・ JOY-CON (L)/(R), Nintendo Switch dock, Nintendo Switch AC adapter

There are some points to note. First, products that have failed before joining the service are not eligible. Joy-Con, docks, and AC adapters are limited to those in the main body package. In addition, battery replacement associated with exhaustion is not eligible. Then, the service that allows you to join within the manufacturer’s warranty period or outside the period will change. Within the manufacturer’s warranty period, you can join both monthly plans and annual plans, but if you outside the warranty period, you can only join the annual plan. The service will be updated automatically. As mentioned above, it should be noted that repair with the main unit replacement is up to twice a year. For other details, refer to the common question page on the official website.

This service will be close to AppleCare developed by Apple. The Service focuses only on Nintendo Switch, while AppleCare is targeting various Apple products. Since the bundled object of the main unit is limited, it is not corresponding if the newly bought Joy-Con drifted in the shop is not supported.

This service is developed by Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. with Aon Japan Co., Ltd. Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. is a group company of Nintendo Co., Ltd. Originally developed as a Jessnet Co., Ltd., it became a subsidiary in 2017 and changed its trade name to Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. This service is being developed in tagging with Aon Japan, which provides risk management services and insurance agencies.

Wide Care for Nintendo Switch is currently accepting applications.


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