The 28-year-old building actor Dennis Schröder, that most recently played for the Houston Rockets, got a mounted photo that reveals the basketball gamer in the national jersey this Sunday before the World Cup qualis game against Poland.
Schröder played his 50th worldwide match at 88:57 on Thursday at 88:57, and also it has actually also been his very first effort for Germany for almost three years.
President Ingo Weiss and also Vice Head of state Armin Andres made the honor.
The initial round group D has actually currently won Germany after four success in a row, yet the game against Poland, which started on Sunday at 6 p.m., has an even much better base for the 2nd phase from completion of August.

All the same, Finland as well as Slovenia are waiting as an opponent with Star Luka Doncic.
The competition with 32 group davon twelve from Europe will happen following summer in Japan, Indonesia and also in the Philippines.

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