We keep leaking a hand with the solution that has become the fashion game. We talk about the Wordle, from which various variants have emerged and we take care of that. We help you solve today’s challenge at the Scientific Wordle of July 5, so you can find the hidden word hidden in the grammatical fashion game of this 2022.

Then we leave you a series of clues to solve the challenge of the day, and make you easier to keep the hole streak.

Skirts for the Scientific Word of July 5


The objective is to find a word related to science, something that can often occur with some that we use in other areas. We recommend that you use the usual tactics of other Wordle , since you can put any word, even unrelated to science, only to determine the vowels or letters that can be hidden.

Mechanics is the usual. If a lyrics light yellow, it is in the hidden word, but not in the position in which you have put it. If you do it green, it should be immovable , since it is in the right place. Keep in mind that in the scientific wordle it is not necessary to put tildes.

We leave you today’s clues

  • It has 3 consonants and four vowels
  • Start with letter B
  • It has two letters I
  • It is a word related to a medical term

Solution to the Scientific Wordle of July 5

We leave you the solution in Spoiler so that, if not serve the clues, you have the response to the puzzle.

Show Biopsy: extraction of a small piece of living tissue of an organ or other part of the body for microscopic study in order to establish a diagnosis.

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