A earlier anime Our Dawn (Bokura No Yoake) fell on the Internet ahead of time. On it you can see the main characters based on the manga of Imai Tetsui History and the date of the premiere. Following, another teaser ripened, already officially.

Savatari Yuma studies in primary school and is fond of astronomy. Events unfolded in 2049, and the land will soon find a collision with a comet. Once, the boy received a Nanako robot as a gift-only an alien ship suddenly connects to the housewife systems and asks for the help of Home.

The film was announced in March, works on it Zero-G, on the second roles, which has put a hand in many popular anime. The script was written by Sato Dai (Cowboy Bibop, Ghost in Armor: Single Syndrome), Yoshid Takahiko (Cells at work) is responsible for the design of the characters, and Yokoyama Masaru (Fruit basket) is responsible for the music).


Our Dawn will be released in Japan in October.

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