The video game industry is constantly moving. Although personnel movements always happen without many realizing, occasionally an exit that, without a doubt, will leave its brand in some study. This is the case of Josh Scher, who after working in series such as Jak & Daxter, The Last of Us and Uncharted, leaves Naughty Dog.

Through his social networks, Scher shared a message where he revealed that he is ready for the next chapter in his working life. In this way, he He leaves Naughty Dog after 21 years working in the study in various areas . This was what he said about it:

When I was a child, making video games was my hobby. I never thought I would make my life creating, much less in a study like Naughty Dog. Last week, after 21 years and 10 games launched, I said goodbye to my friends and colleagues from the kennel.

To all my incredible co-workers of all these years: I am very grateful for their inspiration, support and trust. Thank you for enduring my failures, forgiving my mistakes and giving me opportunities to grow. They have made these 21 years memorable. We had a good time.

I will miss the ‘dogs’, but at some point I will play a game of Naughty Dog knowing very little about him. And they are doing incredible things. Seriously, they are not prepared. And about me? It has been great, but now it’s time for something new. They will know soon.


After working in companies like Dreamworks, Scher entered Naughty Dog in 2001, where he eventually became director of film scenes in the Jak and Daxter saga and in the first trilogy of Uncharted. Eventually, he He became the screenwriter in uncharted 4 and _the lust legacy, since he resumed in the last of us part II, where he was also a narrative designer.

At the moment it is unknown what Josh Scher will do, But we will surely listen more from him in the future . In related issues, here you can check our Jak & Daxter gameplay. Similarly, Naughty Dog is currently working on multiple projects.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, an interesting loss for Naughty Dog. With a quite interesting labor history, it is certain that Josh Scher manages to find a good place to work without any problem.

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