Gravity Neo Cyan began to make a pre-booking Ragnarok The Lost Memories on the 15th.

Ragnarok The Lost Memories is a mobile RPG based on Ragnarok, which combines deck buildings with the original graphic sensibility and gameability. Heroes and monster cards with unique stats and skills can be collected, RPG growth, combat using card decks, and quests that release hidden stories of heroes.

Pre-booking will be held on the official page before the launch from July 15th, and starts from July 20 at the Google Play and the Apple App Store. All pre-booking participants will receive costumes and gemstones such as chick hat and chick bags after launch. There are also three preliminary reservation events. First, depending on the number of pre-booking participants, all users will receive card draw tickets, costume items, and soul weapon purchases. Facebook will then give up to 600 gemstones depending on the level of likes, and the official lounge will receive a card draw if you achieve 3,000 members.

Gravity Neo Cyan said, We are preparing Ragnarok The Lost Memories, which received good reviews from users in Southeast Asia and Steam, so that domestic users can enjoy mobile on mobile. I hope you enjoy.

For more information, please visit the Ragnarok The Lost Memories Pre-booking page.

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