Already tomorrow, July 20, the Russian-speaking version of Mmorpg Lost ARK will receive a content update, and on the eve of this event, shared the details of other changes in the game, in addition to the emergence of the new factional field of the Batham battle.


With the release of the new update, players will be able to get a gramophone from NPS Nickella, who should invite to stay on the estate. It is worth noting that this is possible only after the completion of the task There is something to remember! From Felicia. In addition, the guest can buy melodies from Nickella for the Order of the Hunter, Fighter and Scout. The gramophone will have two options for playback of the melody: in the first it will be heard in a certain radius from the location, the second will allow you to listen to the melody throughout the estate.

The changes will affect mail, where more than 200 letters will not be displayed, and the number of sea missions to choose from-will increase from 6 to 10. From July 20, players will be able to receive gifts for entering with a new calendar. For beginners and those who have not entered the game for a long time, there will be an additional calendar of gifts.

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